Thursday, March 11, 2010

And so it begins

Let me get you caught up. Back in my day of high school (think big hair bands- Skid Row and Poison were some favs) it was pretty clear that something was not right with my jaw. I had an overbite (9mm but who's counting) and a weak profile. Met with an ortho and an oral surgeon who both came to the conclusion that the only way to fix this jaw issue was with surgery and braces. Well apparently I was too cool for school because braces to me were NOT an option. My teeth were straight and I didn't really care to much about my bite so I said no.

Went to collage, got married, had three wonderful kiddos and guess what- my bite STILL SUCKS! Big shocker, I know. Gee somehow it didn't magically heal itself. So I decided one day this month that I was just DONE. Done not being able to close my mouth properly, done sleeping with my mouth open, done with my weak profile, done avoiding my profile in the mirror, done with the headaches, just DONE.

So I started doing some research and came across some very helpful blogs to help guide me in my decision that, yes this is the right thing to do. So I made an appointment with a highly recommended ortho who just so happens to be one half mile from my house and moved forward.

I met with the ortho yesterday who confirmed that I do in fact need orthogathnic surgery and he thinks on both lower and upper jaws (OUCH). Without the surgery there is not much he can do. So I had my impressions made (NASTY) and set the brace date for next Friday. OH MY Friday. Not much time to mentally prepare but I suppose I am ready. I also set my appointment up with a veteran oral surgeon in Detroit Dr. Hitchcock (true story) for April 1st. So I guess I am really going to do this.

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  1. I understand completely...just starting the process myself...braces on since late april. All the blogs I've found are a great help to me too. I also have an of luck to you!