Sunday, March 21, 2010

Braces LOVE Champagne!

My first 48 hours with the braces have been interesting. Trying to get used to these babies isn't easy. It is virtually impossible to shut my mouth now and the inside of my mouth is sore from the braces rubbing it. I have a new lisp and drool a bit here and there. All that being said it is getting better by the hour and I am adjusting quite well.

Last night we had some friends over and it was my first showing of the braces. I kind of dreaded the reveal of the braces all day. I was mopey joe all day and even moped at Kroger. Once our friends got here all was good. They were very positive and complementary of the braces. I popped the champagne and yum it was good! The braces had such a great time they drank the whole bottle. So yes, it is now proven, BRACES LOVE CHAMPAGNE!


  1. just had to add... when I got my braces on last month, the ortho tech said "drink lots of wine this weekend!" I guess they tell the kids to take tylenol, but we adults get different instructions!
    Louise (using husband's account)

  2. Louise- How funny! I know, when I was in the ortho tech's chair we were cracking up taking about different mixed drinks. I am sure that it is nice for them to get an adult to work on since we are a rarity for them! Take care and keep me posted on your progress!