Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tooth patrol

The braces had a great weekend.  My husband and I went to a fund raiser for our daughters school which was fun.  The more I drank the less I cared about the braces!  But be warned that braces can still get hangovers.  I was exhaused all day Sunday and with three little kids that may not be worth it.  A big thanks to my mom for coming up to watch the kiddos.  Back to the gala, someone even told me  that they liked my braces.  How funny.  We got a good laugh out of that! I wore a short dress as to distract from the braces but then I realized when we were out I was just drawing more attention to myself.  Note to self, no more hooker dresses, they don't work.

 I am on constant tooth patrol now and always stare at peoples teeth when they are talking to me.  If I am keeping it real, there are a lot of people who should be wearing braces along with me.  : )

I am starting to really care less about the braces.  I was so paranoid at first about people seeing the braces but now it is starting not to bother me.  Thank goodness as I wasn't liking this new self-conscious me.  Very annoying!

So the big meeting with the Oral Sugeon is tomorrow.  Wish me luck as I am nervous.  I will report back tomorrow after the appointment.


  1. You two look so hip! :)

  2. Okay, I have been following your blog and I now have my blog started! I don't know how to officially follow you but I added your page to my links.