Thursday, April 29, 2010


If you have braces, this product is a MUST. I tried it for the first time yesterday and it cut my flossing time in half. Oh it's the little things......

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Computer predicted profile

I got my computer predicted profile image from Dr Hitchcock a couple of weeks ago. It is hard to believe that the girl below could be the future me. It is also hard to believe that the before profile is me. I NEVER look at my profile for the below reason but I guess it is me. I told a friend of mine that I got my image but didn't want anyone to see the before shot. She told me, well I see you all the time so I am sure the before shot wouldn't surprise me. Maybe that is true, but it sure scared the hell out of me! HA!

I think it is pretty obvious but the first pic is the after and the second is the before.

Who dat?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Pic

How the braced mama does a family picture.........

Bet you can't see my braces!!! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ding Dong

So my doorbell rings an hour ago and I go to answer the door.

"Hi, is your mom or dad there?" says the girl at the door who is trying to sell me (or excuse me, my mom or dad) something.

"Umm, I am the mom" I reply

"Oh, I am so sorry, it is just that you look so young. Must be because your hair is pulled back or that you don't have any wrinkles." She stammers back.

Really cupcake....or could it be the fact that I have BRACES?!?!?!?!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Braces and eating.

Josh and Friend Tracy

Braces and Friend Rob

Four ugly words....public eating and braces. The two really shouldn't go together.

So we had a babysitter last night and had plans to go to dinner & drinks with some friends. My fellow brace-wearers know that public eating isn't easy. I was equipped with my handy dandy pocket toothbrush courtesy of my lovely ortho. (I mean, come on, for $6500 you get braces AND a toothbrush, now that's a deal).

Let me just tell you I have a small mouth as it is then add some fugly braces and you have an even smaller mouth. So trying to eat properly is next to impossible but I gave it a go. I was doing the hand over the mouth thing because I just knew there was probably an entire meal stuck in my braces.

Sure enough....there was.

Once I whipped out the fancy brush all was good again and we were ready to proceed to the bar. But the next worse thing to public eating is public brushing. Nuff said.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Calling all braced adults

WHERE ARE YOU? I know you exist and I am not the only braced adult on this planet but I have yet to find you. I think I should take my minivan and stakeout my orthodontists office in search of a few wired friends.

Just an idea......

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!





The family with the braced mama

What I should be enjoying today....

Wishing all my fellow wired and non-wired peeps out there Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet the neighbors

So we just moved to Michigan over Christmas break and I haven't had the chance to meet any neighbors. Lucky me gets my first chance the day, yes the very day I get my braces on.

Me- We chat for a bit and I tell her I just got my braces on today. (was having a bit of a hard time talking)
New neighbor #1- Oh, I had braces as an adult too a few years ago so I know what you are going through.
Me- (thinking to myself...ok this isn't going to be so bad)

(enter new neighbor #2 who is walking her dog)

New neighbor #1- She just got her braces on today and I was telling her how I had them myself a few years ago
New neighbor #2- Oh really, I would never get braces as an adult. I mean, I can't even imagine.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Break my face

Not Dr. Hitchcock's office

Dr. Hitchcock's sign of Alfred here.....

I finally met with Dr. Hitchcock yesterday morning. We talked for over an hour. I liked him right off the bat and I didn't feel rushed at all. It is confirmed that I will be having both upper and lower jaw surgery along with a genioplasty if I choose. If they are going to break my face anyway whats another procedure. The genioplasty is a chin implant and will give me a more defined look. The surgery will take about four hours and I will most likely only be in the hospital one night.

Check out this video of the type of surgery I am getting:

Video of the genioplasty:

The genioplasty won't be covered by insurance but really after paying so much out of pocket for my massive deductible and the very expensive braces what's another couple thousand? And that is assuming my insurance will cover the surgery. I am pretty sure that I will not sleep well until I get the pre-authorization from the insurance. Come on Blue Cross Blue Shield, work with MAMA!