Sunday, April 11, 2010

Braces and eating.

Josh and Friend Tracy

Braces and Friend Rob

Four ugly words....public eating and braces. The two really shouldn't go together.

So we had a babysitter last night and had plans to go to dinner & drinks with some friends. My fellow brace-wearers know that public eating isn't easy. I was equipped with my handy dandy pocket toothbrush courtesy of my lovely ortho. (I mean, come on, for $6500 you get braces AND a toothbrush, now that's a deal).

Let me just tell you I have a small mouth as it is then add some fugly braces and you have an even smaller mouth. So trying to eat properly is next to impossible but I gave it a go. I was doing the hand over the mouth thing because I just knew there was probably an entire meal stuck in my braces.

Sure enough....there was.

Once I whipped out the fancy brush all was good again and we were ready to proceed to the bar. But the next worse thing to public eating is public brushing. Nuff said.

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