Friday, April 2, 2010

Break my face

Not Dr. Hitchcock's office

Dr. Hitchcock's sign of Alfred here.....

I finally met with Dr. Hitchcock yesterday morning. We talked for over an hour. I liked him right off the bat and I didn't feel rushed at all. It is confirmed that I will be having both upper and lower jaw surgery along with a genioplasty if I choose. If they are going to break my face anyway whats another procedure. The genioplasty is a chin implant and will give me a more defined look. The surgery will take about four hours and I will most likely only be in the hospital one night.

Check out this video of the type of surgery I am getting:

Video of the genioplasty:

The genioplasty won't be covered by insurance but really after paying so much out of pocket for my massive deductible and the very expensive braces what's another couple thousand? And that is assuming my insurance will cover the surgery. I am pretty sure that I will not sleep well until I get the pre-authorization from the insurance. Come on Blue Cross Blue Shield, work with MAMA!

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