Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet the neighbors

So we just moved to Michigan over Christmas break and I haven't had the chance to meet any neighbors. Lucky me gets my first chance the day, yes the very day I get my braces on.

Me- We chat for a bit and I tell her I just got my braces on today. (was having a bit of a hard time talking)
New neighbor #1- Oh, I had braces as an adult too a few years ago so I know what you are going through.
Me- (thinking to myself...ok this isn't going to be so bad)

(enter new neighbor #2 who is walking her dog)

New neighbor #1- She just got her braces on today and I was telling her how I had them myself a few years ago
New neighbor #2- Oh really, I would never get braces as an adult. I mean, I can't even imagine.


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