Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wipe out!

Had a wonderful weekend while the kiddos hung out with their Aunt & Uncle. Our first weekend away from the kids in FOREVER. We were away for my husband's job. Weekend paid for curtosey of his employer. Very nice!

Many of Josh's friends and co-workers haven't seen the good ole' braces so that is always fun showing them off. (not really) Never-the-less they do not seem to get in the way of me having a good time. Saturday night we were out on the town and had just finished a fancy dinner complete with the drinks flowing rapidly. For some reason my dear friend loves to pick me up when she has been drinking. She picked me up a few different times and the last time when she set me down the heel of my shoe got caught in my pants hem. Needless to say I went down on my ass very quickly- in front of said coworkers and friends. Nice. and. Proud. was. I.

She did promise not to pick me up again. And the good news is that I was wearing pants and not the short dress I told you about early on in my posting.

Still had a blast and am looking forward the the next weekend getaway!

One minor problem braces related is that when I talk a lot my mouth rubs against my braces too much and I end up with a ton of sores in my mouth. BUT small price to pay for a good time. I will take it any day!

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