Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the move

We found out Friday that my husband is getting promoted which means moving to Columbus, OH. Now we are Buckeye's so this is a good thing. BUT me being three hours away from my orthodontist and surgeon....that is not a good thing.

As of now the plan is to continue with the same orthodontist and surgeon and just drive back and forth for my appointments. Not the easiest solution, especially after the surgery. Anyone know how long it will take post surgery until I am up for a three hour drive???

Always something.....................:)


  1. Wow, so is this move a good thing??? It seems kinda sudden!! My brother in law is from Ohio so they are big Buckeye fans too. :) Good luck on the traveling to appts. Hopefully all goes don't want a bumpy road w/ a sore mouth! XOXOXO

  2. E- yep it is a good thing but a serious bummer about the driving to appointments/surgery. I am checking to see if there is a good surgeon in Columbus which I am sure there is however I know that I have a good surgeon in Detroit and don't know if I want to rock the boat with insurance.

    Yep...bumpy road won't work! Luckily not too many hills in good ole' Ohio!