Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I just got back from my ortho appointment and I am READY for surgery! I have put a call in to my surgeon to get an appointment so I can get my surgery date set. SO EXCITED!!!

The ortho removed a few brackets and replaced them and oh my stars, removing the braces HURT!! Especially the the clear brackets which are supposedly harder to remove for some unknown reason. Holy Toledo, I about jumped out of my chair when he pulled them off. I was 100% sure that he took my tooth with him.

BUT WHO CARES because I am ready for surgery! I am sure that my surgeon is scheduling months out so I need to keep reminding myself we make have awhile but at least I know my teeth are cooperating!

Yeah me!

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  1. Yay YOU! Soooo excited for you!!!! Keep me updated. Just got the second denial on my insurance. :( I am going to have my Surgeon file a second level appeal and then I'm THROUGH (and majorly in debt!lol)