Thursday, August 12, 2010

So close but yet so far..............

I called my oral surgeons office yesterday ready to come in tomorrow for an appointment with him and the soonest they can get me in is SEPTEMBER 20th.....what?!?!?!

So with my some super schmoozing I was able to get her to schedule my surgery for October 11th. She said the OS just will have to give his blessing at the September 20th appointment and we will be in business.

Man, it is hard to wait knowing your teeth are ready but I have waited for 15 years, I guess I can make it two months for my surgery.

We are moving next week, the girls start school on the 23rd and then it is football season, so I am sure time will pass quickly. :)


  1. Congrats on your upcoming surgery date! I am following your blog! I have finally gotten up the courage to go through with orthognathic surgery. Braces are on, just waiting for my day! I am 31 years old and feeling really dorky... Lol. Maybe I will start my own blog! There are so many of you going through the same thing. I am another Miss Gummy... :-)

  2. Yay Girlfriend! :) You can hang in there. Totally know how you're feeling. Can't believe I have two weeks to go! Crazy! XOXO

  3. BraceFaced- yep feeling very dorky. I HATE IT! It will be over before we know it...let's hope!

    E- can't believe you are two weeks away! SO EXCITING! You will be all nice and recovered when I have mine!