Thursday, September 30, 2010


So in my months and months of researching I have come up with a list of all items necessary to have on hand after surgery. I have compiled/combined and added some extras from others who have posted similar lists. I will let you know after what I didn't end up using.  ***Updated***

1. Waterpik (apparently this is most excellent to use on low post surgery)- MUST HAVE

2. Humidifier- Used daily once I got home
3. Vicks plug in waterless vaporizer and vapor pads- used this a few days after I got home

4. Boogie wipes (available at Wal-mart) thanks E! :) used!

5. Afrin- Gave to me at the hospital

6. Children's sudafed- gave to me at the hospital

7. Bromelain tablets (pinapple extract-supposed to help with swelling) getting ready to use

8. Arnica Montana Gel (supposed to help with bruising and swelling)- used, hard to know if it helped

9. Q-tips- YES!

10. Hydrogen peroxide (for q-tips to help clean out nose)- lifesave to clean out nose

11. Button down pajamas for hospital - used

12. Slippers for hospital- used

13. Bed buddy hot cold bean back type pack- can microwave for moist heat- yes!

14. Old School Bed Rest Pillow to prop me up in bed- yes

15. Baby toothbrush- yes

16. Sippy cup- tried but wasn't able to drink out of it

17. Baby spoon (my baby who just turned 2 is nice enough to give me his since he has graduated to bigger spoons) :) yes!

18. breathe right strips (not sure if these will help but was lucky enough to receive a trial pair in the mail so if they work I will have hubs run out and get more.) couldn't get to work

19. Dry erase board - yes

20. Bell- this is no joke. my mom found a huge bell and put in on my nightstand for me to ring if I need something- (god love her heart!)- used to good ole cell phone

21. Oil of Olay moist face wash wipes- YES- must have for the ladies!

22. Acne wash as I know from others experiences that I will need it!- Just started using in anticipation of the acne that is to come

23. Iron supplement- yes

24. Children's liquid Motrin-yes

25. Hand mirror- one thousand times yes!

26. Lip stuff galore- Vaseline, rosebud salve, origins lip, aquafor - Hopefully one of these will help!- yes along with some stuff they gave me in the hospital which made my lips ghost white.  Very fitting for this time of year. See pics from hospital stay!

27. Emergen-C- haven't used yet but will

Did not get a jaw bra but wished I had.  They just tied ice packs together in the hospital.

Prescriptions from surgeon

1) Bottle of liquid Roxicet (I think it is the generic for Percocet)

2) Phenegran (for nausea)

3) Amoxicillin

4) Valium for before surgery and morning of. Not sure if I will take it morning of because I am sure they will pump me full of meds as soon as I get there but you can bet your bottom dollar I will take one the night before so I can sleep!
Any suggestions of things I missed??? I have so many things it is hard to imagine needing anything else!

I will post a list of food items later. So much to prepare for!

*Thanks to my mom & papa for coming to stay with us for three weeks during my recovery! Watching three kids is a BIG JOB!
**Thanks to my Aunt Janie & Uncle Denny for watching the kids Monday during my pre-op appointments!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Appointments- check!

Lots to say!!!

Appointments all went well and we are ready to go- 11 days!!

Had pre-op appointment Monday at the hospital. They just asked a bunch of routine questions. Listened to my heart and drew some blood. Pretty standard. I was really nervous being there because I was at the hospital where it is all going down. But the appointment was very easy. The nurse who drew my blood had no trouble which is unusual for me. The usually have to go "fishing" for my veins because they are small and tend to roll. Hopefully that is a good sign of things to come going easy as well! (or it could be that my veins were in full effect from my two major cups of coffee I drank on the way there).
I asked about donating my own blood to be used if necessary during surgery. She said that they don't do it that way unless the patient is insistent for a few reasons. 1) high cost to store own blood 2) usually people who donate their own blood come into surgery a little anemic from the donation and end up having to use all of their blood during surgery and then more.

From there I went to my surgeon appointment. They two two sets of molds of my teeth. Yes for my friends who are familiar with this process....that is four molds....and she messed up on one so I had five taken it total. No fun flavors to pick from at the surgeons office like there is at the orthos office. I of course, had a newbie to taking molds. She had never taken molds on anyone with braces. Little did I know that the molds were nothing compared to this lovely device the surgeon uses to take measurements of my face.

OMG- this thing had to have been strait from the 1800's. note...this is not me but a picture so you can get an idea....

Face bow-a device used in dentistry to record the positional relations of the maxillary arch to the temporomandibular joints and to orient dental casts in this same relationship to the opening axis of the articulator.
Translation- torture device.
This baby goes into your ear canals and then is tightened so it doesn't move. Fun stuff. It doesn't look that bad in the picture but trust me.......
He will be moving my upper jaw up approx 5mm and moving my lower jaw forward 15.4 mm. (That includes the genioplasty.) Wowzas....15.4 is a lot!
My surgeon typically only keeps patients in the hospital for 23 hours unless they are having trouble but he told me since I have a three hour drive that he will keep me in the hospital until I feel like I am ready to make that drive. This was very reassuring to me since I can't just zip over to see him if something comes up. Also, I get car sick pretty easily so couple that with just having my face sawed apart does not equate to a drive I will be looking forward to!
I had my ortho appointment yesterday at 8:00am and got my surgical wires put on.....ouchie! I can't believe that I have to have these babies in the rest of this week and next. I will post pictures so you can see what I am talking about.
I still can't find the camera's battery charger from when we moved last month, but I will go get another one so I can take more before pics for everyone to see. I will do that soon, promise!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Parent/Teacher conferences

Funny with my eight year old daughter.

She is on the phone with her new friend. They are trying to get both of their parents to meet at parent/teacher conferences so they can have a play date.

Her friend is asking what I look like. My daughter is saying, blondish/brown hair, tall, hmmmm.....she thinks for more things to describe me....she's got nothing.....she hollers out to me, "mom, what else can I tell her to describe you?" I laugh saying, "I will most likely be the only parent with braces." She says oh yeah, like she forgot.

Maybe my husband is right.............people don't care as much about the braces, especially the kids! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Four weeks from today!

Very excited that my surgery is four weeks from today. Trying to get everything ready for my mom & step-dad who will be taking care of my kiddos for me when I am recovering. God bless their little hearts, they have no idea what they are in for with my kids! Hopefully the kids will be on their best behavior!!

I want to thank everyone for their kind uplifting words. It is nice to know I am not the only one who has ever felt like this! Anyway, I am over it and feeling great now. Went to the Ohio State game and watched them beat up on Miami on Saturday. Was a great, much needed, day out! So much fun!

The next two Monday's I will be off to Detroit for all of my appointments and then in four weeks the big day will be here! Lots to do, lots to do!

Regardless of where you are in this journey, I wish you well!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Debbie Downer

This whole journey through jaw surgery is such a roller coaster ride! I am in a weird place right now. My bite is so messed up (bite gets much worse before surgery) that I can't bite into anything. Literally two of my molars touch and that is it.

I am so self conscious of the way I look right now that I am turning into a hermit crab who doesn't want to venture out in fear of running into someone I know. I think that because my bite is so off combined with the fugly braces is turning me into a loner. This is so not me! I am the first one at the party and the last one to leave. Now, I don't even want to go to the party.

:( I am driving my husband crazy because he just doesn't understand. He keeps telling me "no one cares about your braces." I know this is a temporary phase I am going through as I am just a little over a month away from my surgery. Soon I will have much bigger fish to fry and talk about not wanting to go out of the house once I have surgery and my face looks like Fat Albert....

Anywho, this is a good place to go and vent so thanks for letting me, not that you have much of a choice. I know this is all part of the process and just wanted to share my thoughts as I know that most people who go through this will feel like this from time to time!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well we are moved and are settling in which is a looooooong process.

Speaking of long....that will be my drive to the ortho's office and my surgeons office. Three hours each way to be exact. Yep....just me and the braces on the open road.

Future appointments:
September 20th-
11:00 am ortho to get new molds
1:00 ortho to adjust wires based on results from the molds
3:00 surgeon with molds in hand to get the green light for surgery

September 27th-
11:00 pre-op testing at hospital
1:00 long appointment with surgeon to go over specifics of surgery and answer all questions
(sleepover in the big d)

September 28th-
8:00 am surgical hooks put on

October 11th- 7:30 surgery

YEAH. I am so darn excited but so darn nervous at the same time. I mean sawed.apart. Sounds fun.

Oh yeah- go bucks!