Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Appointments- check!

Lots to say!!!

Appointments all went well and we are ready to go- 11 days!!

Had pre-op appointment Monday at the hospital. They just asked a bunch of routine questions. Listened to my heart and drew some blood. Pretty standard. I was really nervous being there because I was at the hospital where it is all going down. But the appointment was very easy. The nurse who drew my blood had no trouble which is unusual for me. The usually have to go "fishing" for my veins because they are small and tend to roll. Hopefully that is a good sign of things to come going easy as well! (or it could be that my veins were in full effect from my two major cups of coffee I drank on the way there).
I asked about donating my own blood to be used if necessary during surgery. She said that they don't do it that way unless the patient is insistent for a few reasons. 1) high cost to store own blood 2) usually people who donate their own blood come into surgery a little anemic from the donation and end up having to use all of their blood during surgery and then more.

From there I went to my surgeon appointment. They two two sets of molds of my teeth. Yes for my friends who are familiar with this process....that is four molds....and she messed up on one so I had five taken it total. No fun flavors to pick from at the surgeons office like there is at the orthos office. I of course, had a newbie to taking molds. She had never taken molds on anyone with braces. Little did I know that the molds were nothing compared to this lovely device the surgeon uses to take measurements of my face.

OMG- this thing had to have been strait from the 1800's. note...this is not me but a picture so you can get an idea....

Face bow-a device used in dentistry to record the positional relations of the maxillary arch to the temporomandibular joints and to orient dental casts in this same relationship to the opening axis of the articulator.
Translation- torture device.
This baby goes into your ear canals and then is tightened so it doesn't move. Fun stuff. It doesn't look that bad in the picture but trust me.......
He will be moving my upper jaw up approx 5mm and moving my lower jaw forward 15.4 mm. (That includes the genioplasty.) Wowzas....15.4 is a lot!
My surgeon typically only keeps patients in the hospital for 23 hours unless they are having trouble but he told me since I have a three hour drive that he will keep me in the hospital until I feel like I am ready to make that drive. This was very reassuring to me since I can't just zip over to see him if something comes up. Also, I get car sick pretty easily so couple that with just having my face sawed apart does not equate to a drive I will be looking forward to!
I had my ortho appointment yesterday at 8:00am and got my surgical wires put on.....ouchie! I can't believe that I have to have these babies in the rest of this week and next. I will post pictures so you can see what I am talking about.
I still can't find the camera's battery charger from when we moved last month, but I will go get another one so I can take more before pics for everyone to see. I will do that soon, promise!

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  1. LOL! I totally forgot about the 1800's device! Yes, that it soo crazy. I had three people trying to put that thing on me and I felt like they had no idea what they were doing! I can't believe your bottom jaw is coming out that far. I thought MINE was far. You should be able to breathe soooo much better. I can't wait to see after photos! Are they using a chin implant or just "scooting" your existing jaw forward? Soooo excited for you girlie! It'll be here before you know it!!! XOXOXOX