Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well we are moved and are settling in which is a looooooong process.

Speaking of long....that will be my drive to the ortho's office and my surgeons office. Three hours each way to be exact. Yep....just me and the braces on the open road.

Future appointments:
September 20th-
11:00 am ortho to get new molds
1:00 ortho to adjust wires based on results from the molds
3:00 surgeon with molds in hand to get the green light for surgery

September 27th-
11:00 pre-op testing at hospital
1:00 long appointment with surgeon to go over specifics of surgery and answer all questions
(sleepover in the big d)

September 28th-
8:00 am surgical hooks put on

October 11th- 7:30 surgery

YEAH. I am so darn excited but so darn nervous at the same time. I mean sawed.apart. Sounds fun.

Oh yeah- go bucks!

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