Thursday, September 30, 2010


So in my months and months of researching I have come up with a list of all items necessary to have on hand after surgery. I have compiled/combined and added some extras from others who have posted similar lists. I will let you know after what I didn't end up using.  ***Updated***

1. Waterpik (apparently this is most excellent to use on low post surgery)- MUST HAVE

2. Humidifier- Used daily once I got home
3. Vicks plug in waterless vaporizer and vapor pads- used this a few days after I got home

4. Boogie wipes (available at Wal-mart) thanks E! :) used!

5. Afrin- Gave to me at the hospital

6. Children's sudafed- gave to me at the hospital

7. Bromelain tablets (pinapple extract-supposed to help with swelling) getting ready to use

8. Arnica Montana Gel (supposed to help with bruising and swelling)- used, hard to know if it helped

9. Q-tips- YES!

10. Hydrogen peroxide (for q-tips to help clean out nose)- lifesave to clean out nose

11. Button down pajamas for hospital - used

12. Slippers for hospital- used

13. Bed buddy hot cold bean back type pack- can microwave for moist heat- yes!

14. Old School Bed Rest Pillow to prop me up in bed- yes

15. Baby toothbrush- yes

16. Sippy cup- tried but wasn't able to drink out of it

17. Baby spoon (my baby who just turned 2 is nice enough to give me his since he has graduated to bigger spoons) :) yes!

18. breathe right strips (not sure if these will help but was lucky enough to receive a trial pair in the mail so if they work I will have hubs run out and get more.) couldn't get to work

19. Dry erase board - yes

20. Bell- this is no joke. my mom found a huge bell and put in on my nightstand for me to ring if I need something- (god love her heart!)- used to good ole cell phone

21. Oil of Olay moist face wash wipes- YES- must have for the ladies!

22. Acne wash as I know from others experiences that I will need it!- Just started using in anticipation of the acne that is to come

23. Iron supplement- yes

24. Children's liquid Motrin-yes

25. Hand mirror- one thousand times yes!

26. Lip stuff galore- Vaseline, rosebud salve, origins lip, aquafor - Hopefully one of these will help!- yes along with some stuff they gave me in the hospital which made my lips ghost white.  Very fitting for this time of year. See pics from hospital stay!

27. Emergen-C- haven't used yet but will

Did not get a jaw bra but wished I had.  They just tied ice packs together in the hospital.

Prescriptions from surgeon

1) Bottle of liquid Roxicet (I think it is the generic for Percocet)

2) Phenegran (for nausea)

3) Amoxicillin

4) Valium for before surgery and morning of. Not sure if I will take it morning of because I am sure they will pump me full of meds as soon as I get there but you can bet your bottom dollar I will take one the night before so I can sleep!
Any suggestions of things I missed??? I have so many things it is hard to imagine needing anything else!

I will post a list of food items later. So much to prepare for!

*Thanks to my mom & papa for coming to stay with us for three weeks during my recovery! Watching three kids is a BIG JOB!
**Thanks to my Aunt Janie & Uncle Denny for watching the kids Monday during my pre-op appointments!


  1. Wow, sounds like you are all prepared! I wish you luck and boy am I jealous it's not me! Wah! I still have a while... Started a blog of my own!


  2. Hi there!

    I wish you well on you surgery! Sounds like you got everything ready!! What time on the 11th is your surgery? I like to pray for positive results for jaw surgery peeps during their surgery.
    Have a wonderful evening!

  3. Hi Brent!

    My surgery is at 7:30am on Monday. Thanks for thinking of me! I need all the thoughts & prayers I can get! :)


  4. Hi there. I just read your entire blog. I am a member of the metal mouth message board forum. My username is RyanVaughn. I just wanted to wish you luck. I wish I were in your shoes right now, so close to surgery. I am at least 8 months away as I haven't been banded with braces yet. I struggle with tmj, asymmetry and a weak profile as well. I will keep following your blog through your recovery so post often! :)

  5. Hi Ryan- The good news is that time does really fly between braces and leas it seemed to for me. My problem is that my surgery has consumed my mind during this time! It is hard to think of anything else! I think they key is that you have decided to move forward and do something about your issues. You are now in the drivers seat!

    Good luck to you! And I will post as much as possible! :)

  6. Hi Mandy-So happy to see pics and hear that you are feeling better with one week behind you! I'm also on Archwired, as Rizzie.

    I think you are looking great for where you are in recovery! Hang in there, we are all rooting for you.

  7. Great list! Most of these items I already own so I just need to round them up!! I am totally taking ur advice on these. :)