Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 19 Post Op

Not much to report today.  Today the numbness is really annoying me.  I know that it is part of the process but uggggggg.

Anyway hope everyone is having a great Halloween weekend!!  :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 18 Post Op

Sorry to do this to you but WHAT A DIFFERENCE 2 1/2 weeks make!!!  Holy Shiznit! This
pic was taken the day after my surgery!  I am LOVING this hair style!  :) Josh kept calling me Hitch from that movie when he had an allergic reaction and his lips swelled up.  He so funny!


Sorry for that picture but WOW....amazing how fast the body can heal!  Thank god!!!!  Slept in my bed for the entire night now that I don't have to sleep elevated.  Did sleep on two pillow though.  Yeah!

We had trick or treat last night and of course it was about 40 degrees and windy as all get out.  I made it approx 10 minutes with the kids and then Josh took them the rest of the way.  Cold and wind and a numb face DO NOT MIX!  My face hurt...that topped with the pain I already had from the surgeon and the ortho poking around in there.  Not good.

My fab step-dad made turkey chili that we blended and it was fab!!!  Got to spend some time with my Aunt & Uncle who came over too.  Great night!

My mom & step-dad just left so today I regain the control of the house.  Am I ready?  Yes and no.  I will probably take a nap while my little guy is and the girls are at school or at the very least spend some time on the couch.  But how to keep up with the house?  We will see.  At least it is Friday and hubs will be home this weekend.  By Monday I am three weeks post op and should be good to go.  Still get tired easily but the pain is easily managed with Advil and an occasional half of pain pill at night.

Brent, forgot to ask the surgeon if I got a blood transfusion.  Am doubting it but I will mark it down to ask at my next appointment.  Sorry!!!!

Day 17 Post Op

Terrible before pictures...but still.......obviously top is before and bottom row is after

Sorry can't get this to turn for some reason but notice on my bottom jaw the space
between the screws where he advanced the lower jaw.  OMG!
 So my visit with the surgeon went great.  Incisions are healing well and my bite looks great.  I have great range of movement for being only 17 days post op.  He removed the bands and I am band free!!!  Well until my visit with the ortho but that is another story.

My questions:
- Can I sleep on my side - yes
- Do I need to sleep elevated- no
- Can I yawn, sneeze, blow my nose- yes
-Can I chew- Not really....soft chew or no chew for four more weeks.  At least I will be able to eat for Thanksgiving.  With the huge advancement of my jaw he wants to give it a little more time before chewing.
-Are my stitches dissolvable- yes (thank the lord!)
-Do I need to do mouth exercises- no (this one is strange as I see that most people's surgeon's have them doing them but he said a definite no.  My mouth will be my guide)
-How long do I need to use Peridex- Finish the bottle..almost done so yeah as I know Peridex stains your teeth.  I will move to Listerine after I am done with the Peridex
I wasn't scheduled to see my ortho for 10 more days but the surgical wires are driving me crazy.  I can't believe I didn't get a pic to show you but they were six inches along between my top six teeth and drove me batty!  So I called since I was in town and bless their hearts they got me in in 15 minutes and they were so busy.  All of the ortho techs, front staff and two orthos were making over me. They all just kept saying they couldn't believe how different I looked.  I felt like a celebrity that was being followed!  They certainly do  a lot for a girl's self esteem!  :)  They changed my wires and it turned out I had a broken bracket which they fixed.  It was not the best feeling having those wires changed as my mouth is obviously still sensitive but I would have done whatever it took to get those top surgical wires out.  Let me tell you when I had everything out and brushed my teeth I almost threw up.  I am OCD teeth brusher and I did NOT like what I saw!!  Take my word for it!  I was shocked too because I thought I was doing really well with my Dora Toothbrush and Waterpik but alas, no.  When you can't feel the inside of your mouth or your teeth what do you expect.  GROSS!  He also has me with rubber bands in the back that need to be changed 3x's a day.  I was so nervous but actually did it pretty easily with a pair of tweezers.  I was so proud of myself!  You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be staying on top of those ortho gets my full cooperation!

Anyway, don't have another surgeon appointment until Nov. 18th and then I go back and see the surgeon and the ortho on Dec 6th.  I am ready to get crackin on those ortho appointments but I must be patient (not my best quality).  I am hoping for six months max in braces which puts removal time in the Spring.  I will be happy with that!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 16 Post Op

Special guest apperance from my sweet daughter

Quick to Detroit to see the surgeon tomorrow.  Report back then!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 15

Natalie, do you see your family pic in the background?!?!  :)

So my day alone yesterday went great until about six when I was whooped!  I took a half of pain pill and it didn't give too much relief so I took the other half.  I am a lightweight! It made me feel dizzy and sick.  Yuck.  Luckily my mom got here at 8 (my husband was at a work dinner) and I hit the hay.  Feeling much better today but I now more than 1/2 pain pill!!!!

Dry mouth is getting better at night.  A little, but still a noticeable difference.

Looking forward to my surgeon visit Thursday.  I have a lot of questions for him!

See you tomorrow!  (I included the link to my all time favorite pre/post surgery item- the Waterpik!)

By the way...should I get blonde highlights again or should I stay all brunette for fall/winter??  Thoughts???

***By the way I have added the pics from the first week to the first week post....view at your own risk- they are scary...don't let small children see********

Monday, October 25, 2010

Two week post op!!

Still so funny to see myself trying to smile!

Swelling in upper lip has gone down a ton but there is still swelling in the area below my nose

Two week post op!  Yeah! 

I am feeling great.  It is amazing though how weak I am.  Last night I picked up my son for the first time since my surgery and I could barely pick him up.  Now mind you he is the biggest two year old you have ever seen but still.....  I can't open a jar, tried to open a new container of juice today...nope.  I am WEAK!  I know this is normal so I am not worried.  Still taking an iron supplement and will continue to do so until I am one month post op due to the amount of blood I lost.  Also taking a multivitamin, bromaline capsules (supposed to help with swelling) and probiotics. 

Today was my first day home alone with the kiddos.  Did great but am tired.  Luckily, my mom and step-dad will be back tonight to help me the remainder of the week so I don't overdue it.  I certainly do not want to take any steps back.

I have my appointment with the surgeon on Thursday at noon in Detroit.  We are going up the night before so we don't have to spend six hours in the car in one day.  Works out perfect because I am getting my hair did Thursday morning before my appointment!!! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 13 Post Op

Slooooooooowly getting better

Yes, aren't I daring today wearing a white shirt.  Considering the fact that everything I eat dribbles down my chin.  Today I had some scrambled eggs for breakfast....just chopped it into tiny pieces and swallowed them but I will take it.  I had a big piece of egg stuck on my upper lip and couldn't feel it at all.  My husband asked if I was saving it for a snack. 

Good news is the drooling is getting better.  I rarely drool now but am on constant alert to suck the extra saliva in....nasty...I know.  But hey, this is a jaw surgery blog....not miss manners.  Keepin' it real for ya!

Slept the majority of the night in my bed....bought one of those wedges from Amazon and it helps (I put the link on here for anyone who is interested).  They are wide enough so I don't roll off of it.  Also, slept a little on my side....hope that is OK!  My surgeon is very lax so I am sure he would have no problem.  He has his patients on a soft chew diet after week one.  My teeth are still pretty numb so it makes it hard for me to attempt this.  The feeling is coming back in the bottom teeth though so that is good.  Top....totally numb.  Upper lip starting to regain feeling....bottom lip is totally numb.  Strange how that works.

Still haven't drove yet...sometime this week.  I also took a shower this morning as opposed to all of the baths I have been taking.  First shower since the dreaded pass out.  Did pretty good but was extra careful not to bend my head too far back while rinsing my hair. 

Went 12 hours without any advil!  Huge milestone for me!  Keeps getting better day by day!  Going to watch Toy Story 3 with the littles today.  Love it!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 12 Post Op

Another attempted smile.....getting better but still a long way to go...where are my teeth?


Ugg...the before
The swelling is going down...slowly but surely....will love it when it is all gone and I can totally see my cheekbones!  Still can't smile well because of that upper lip.  I see my surgeon on Thursday and I am sure he will remove that stitch behind the front of my upper lip and set that lip free.  Maybe I will have a smile with teeth by this weekend!

Energy still coming back.  Haven't had to take a nap since day 8 post op.  Today my girlfriend is coming over to watch the football game (go bucks!) then we are headed to the mall.  What a big day!  Such a relief to have some normalcy coming back!  Last night my daughter had her friend over for a sleepover and now we have every kid on the street playing in our basement.  Normal, normal, normal and I love it!!!

I can even drink my favorite Tim Horton's coffee out of the travel cup!  Just have to hold a paper towel underneath to be sure I don't dribble on myself.  Hey, I will take it!



Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 11 Post Op

My step-dad made me all of these soups!!!

Syringes- it was fun while it lasted

But you need to be crushed

Or at least thrown in the trash!!

Amazing how swollen the left side of my face still is!  Looks strange!

Still on the up n up!  Took a short trip to the mall yesterday....was SO good to get out!

As far as pain goes, I still have a "tight" feeling in my face, my upper lip was really butchered so that is still bothering me a bit.  I had my back molar pulled during surgery and I can feel some pain back there. Taking 3 advil every six hours for pain and the past two nights I have taken 1/2 of a pain pill before bed. 

Drooling is getting slightly better but only slightly.  Still have to be on constant alert.

My entire chin is still numb as are my upper and lower lips.  There are are a few spots on my lips that are starting to get a little sensation back.  Getting the feeling back in my nose, maybe 80% but my inner cheeks are still numb.

All in all, I feel happy at my progress so far and am simply amazed at the progress I have made since this time last week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 10 post op

put a smidge of makeup on to try to cover the bruises....look at those Angelina Jolie lips! 

Attempted Smile

10 Days post op

YEAH!!!  10 days post op....quite a milestone!!!!

Still sleeping in a recliner which is quite strange but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to reduce the swelling! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 9 Post Op

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was *hot* like me!
(think it is time for some make-up)

Leading annoying things:
Not eating while everyone else is
Numb face
Frozen look to me
Bruising on face
Swollen way more on one side than the other
Dry mouth when sleeping...I mean Sahara dry

Happy things:
Eating blended soups in the fall
I can eat pumpkin pie without the crust

Annoying things:
Strange feeling still on leg- almost like something is on my skin rubbing against my pants but nothing is there!

One step back - Surgery Day- Oct 11th - Day 6 Post Op

Had to be at the hospital, St Joe's Ann Arbor, at 6:30am Monday, October 11th.  Everything moved pretty quickly as my surgery was at 7:30am.  Got checked in and called back almost immediately.  Changed in a gown, had the nicest nurse who took all of my vitals, gave me a prego test (yeah -) and the drs started coming over to introduce themselves.  Dr. Hitchcock my surgeon came over and asked if I had any last minute questions, and I asked him if he got a good night sleep. HA! He said it was a great night of sleep and then off I went.  Said my goodbyes to my hubs and dad  and went into the O.R.  That was all she wrote......

Waking up.....
Don't remember much but being very groggy and having a major headache.  I don't think I respond well to anesthesia because the last time I had it I had a killer headache for days afterwards and this was no exception.

I remember thinking I couldn't breathe.  I was trying to explain to all of the nurses there was no way I was breathing (by writing on my erase board) and they assured me my respiration rates were all great. 

I am not sure if I was in a ton of pain but it was just such a strange feeling being so numb.  I was numb from my eye sockets all the way down to my chin.  The inside of my mouth was all numb of course too, with the exception of my tongue.

Everything was pretty hazy that day.  I remember a lot of nurses coming in and out talking to me.  They were trying to get me to stay awake for a little while because my blood pressure was so low.  I was just too tired to stay awake.  I remember *I think* a nurse saying I had lost a lot of blood.  Something 100.  I don't think I needed blood because they never told my husband I had a blood transfusion but this is something I am still going to ask my surgeon about.

I could hear my husband on the phone talking to various friends/family members.  He kept saying how well everything went and how great I was doing considering what I had been through.  I was laying there too tired to talk rolling my eyes thinking....what the hell are you talking about, there is no great, I am terrible!?!?!  At one point he was describing the surgery to one of my friends saying the OR nurse told him how graphic the surgery is (I won't elaborate for most of us jaw-breakers do not want nor need to know how graphic it is) I just rose my hand up and flipped him off.  He got the point!  :)

After surgery...couldn't even open my eyes

My poor hubs..he almost passed out when he saw me!

Day One Post Op
-Blood Pressure still low
-My surgeon decided that he was going to keep me another night in the hospital due to my low blood pressure and my long drive home
-Learned how to drink through a syringe

Doesn't get more uncomfortable than this!  :(

Day Two
-Long drive home- went better than expected slept most of the way
-Got home and took up camp in my bedroom
-My kids are afraid of my and the way I look/act
-Seeing double/keep eyes shut at all times because of this

Day Three/Four
-Two kids still afraid- my sweet 5 year old came around and visits the bedroom often
-Major headache
-Still seeing double
-Lay in dark all the time
-Dry mouth like you wouldn't believe

Day Five (the worst day by far)
-Headache now migraine
-Have to have sheets draped over blinds because ALL light hurts my eyes
-Seriously was so miserable I laid there and whimpered all day
-Nausea so I didn't want to drink anything
-Finally at 2 I had enough and went to ER for IV's- stayed there for a few hours where they tried to get the pain under control and me re hydrated...You can imagine what the drs/nurses thought when my husband brought me in with my face all swollen bruised.  Not a good thing
***Day 5 didn't get a picture

Day Six
-Got up thinking I needed to fight through this so I took a shower...passed out cold...luckily hubs caught me over to lay me in the bed....passed out again...dr on call on the phone-apparently this is normal
-Back to bed again, me pissed ready for this to be over
-Finally started feeling a bit better-migraine gone at 4
-Thank the lord the migraine is gone!!!!!!!!!!