Saturday, October 9, 2010

Before Surgery Video

OK- I am TERRIBLE at video blogging. I make ridiculous faces and it is dreadful...but you get an idea of the before and that is the whole point! Don't judge! :)


  1. It won't let me view it. :( Why not??? Anyway, gir, I'm praying for you! You are LUCKY! I never got xanax or anything to calm me. I recognize all those feelings you're having. Soooo normal. You'll be on the flip side before you know it. In FULL Puma Power! XOXOXOXO E P.S. If you can tell me how to view this video I'd LOVE to!

  2. E- I think it is fixed...let me know if you can see it!

  3. Soooo cool! Technology is awesome. I should've done something like that! You do sound totally terrified though. It'll be over before you know it. It'll be like 5 minutes to you! :) How long did they think it would take? Prayers you sleep well tonight! I can't wait to see your after photos. You better get a new camera so we can see. It's best to take right after recovery before swelling sets in! XOXOXO E

  4. Hi Mandy!
    Great video blog! I have been and will pray for a perfect surgery tomorrow and everything will go great!
    Keep the faith, and keep us posted!

  5. Hi Mandy,

    Thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. Your video was awesome. Can't wait to see the results. You'll do great. :)

  6. Hi Mandy,
    Oh my god....!!! Your story sounds exactly like mine! I felt I was too cool to have braces as well in high school and as soon as they said surgery..I said 'see ya'!lol...Now married and have an 8 month old daughter I decided to go ahead and take care of my mouth..I have a 13mm overbite!..yup....I've been wearing braces for a bit now and have my surgery in a few months. I'm so happy to finally meet someone in the same shoes!!....I see that you just had your surgery and are now are probaby recovering. Thank you so much for doing this...I am soooooo interested in what it's going to look like after and also how the surgery went etc. I'll be following this blog for all the info!!! Thanks and hope all went well:))

  7. Hi Mandy,
    Just saw your updates. Wow it sounds like hell the first few days but seems like it turned around on day 6. Your profile looks amazing!! Can you tell the big difference in your look right away? I also worry sometimes what if I'm not happy with the results? Were you worried about that as well? I'm so looking forward to seeing more and more pictures of your progress. Take care and hope you're feeling better:)

  8. Hi Bev- I can def tell a huge difference in my look. I already am loving the profile but face on with me still having swelling and bruising it is hard to know what the new *me* looks like just yet. I am trying to be patient and not freak out about my look because I know it takes so much time. My upper lip is still very swollen so I can't smile yet....once I get my smile back I know I will look more like myself. Plus the gummy smile will be gone. Hard to imagine what that will look like since I have been Gummy Mc Gummerson for so long! LOL

    I was so ready to get things moving I guess I didn't really even think about what would happen if I didn't like the way things turn out. BUT All of the before/after pics I have seen of people who have had this surgery, I have yet to find someone who doesn't look better.

    Wow, a nine month old....hope you will have lots of help after your surgery! :)

    Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you have anymore questions.


  9. Hi Mandy,
    Thanks for the updates. My daughter Lara will be about 14-16 months old when I might be ready for surgery. I am worried about her wanting to come to me etc. Luckily my hubby is very hands on with her so she's comfortable with him. Your husband seems to be the same:))
    You're right, most people in the before and after look better.
    Honestly, I'm just looking forward to be able to take candid pictures!! I've never been able to ever be fully comfortable around people taking pictures in candid shots...especially a video camera!! God forbid the profile being captured live!! lol...I've always had a great full smile face on but only when I'm posing. I'm not sure if you've ever had the same emotional issues attached but I'm looking forward to not having to worry about that kind of stuff anymore.
    As you can see...lot's to talk about!!
    Looking forward to hearing about how your appointment with the surgeon went. Also you said you had tons of questions for your surgeon so let us know what they were and what the surgeon said.
    Thanks and hope you're feeling better. Can't wait to see the full results swollen free a few months from now!!