Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 10 post op

put a smidge of makeup on to try to cover the bruises....look at those Angelina Jolie lips! 

Attempted Smile

10 Days post op

YEAH!!!  10 days post op....quite a milestone!!!!

Still sleeping in a recliner which is quite strange but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to reduce the swelling! 


  1. Looking good! Have you left the house yet!? I was only going to take 2 weeks off of work but now I am thinking I will need 3 weeks! Are the kids warming up to your new look? How about the hubbie? I am really, really nervous about how my boyfriend is going to take my "new look". He is not so keen on the idea of me having face surgery...

  2. I did go to the mall today!!! I put on a little makeup to try to cover the bruises but it didn't really work. I felt like people were staring at me but I didn't car...just felt so good to get out! My mom was with me and she explained to the cashiers that I just had surgery and couldn't talk very clearly which worked out well.

    Kids are def warming up and just today said I look more like myself so that is good. The hubs is just so happy that I am feeling better he doesn't care. He loved me "just the way I was" which I find to be a crock of shiznit because seriously that profile was awful!! It is going to take sometime to look more like myself face on because of all that swelling! I am starting to see "me" in the mirror a little more each day.

    This surgery will be a good test to see if your boyfriend is the one because it takes someone who really loves you to help you the first week with all of the ugly stuff that comes along with this surgery!

    I would say 2 weeks would be pushing it a little but 3 weeks if you can, that would be much better! :)

    And welcome to the Puma's!


  3. Mandy,

    Did you have a genioplasty as well?

  4. Looking great there

    It's good to hear you are going out and not let any of this get you down.Carry on as normal the best way you can.You're handling this really well.


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