Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 11 Post Op

My step-dad made me all of these soups!!!

Syringes- it was fun while it lasted

But you need to be crushed

Or at least thrown in the trash!!

Amazing how swollen the left side of my face still is!  Looks strange!

Still on the up n up!  Took a short trip to the mall yesterday....was SO good to get out!

As far as pain goes, I still have a "tight" feeling in my face, my upper lip was really butchered so that is still bothering me a bit.  I had my back molar pulled during surgery and I can feel some pain back there. Taking 3 advil every six hours for pain and the past two nights I have taken 1/2 of a pain pill before bed. 

Drooling is getting slightly better but only slightly.  Still have to be on constant alert.

My entire chin is still numb as are my upper and lower lips.  There are are a few spots on my lips that are starting to get a little sensation back.  Getting the feeling back in my nose, maybe 80% but my inner cheeks are still numb.

All in all, I feel happy at my progress so far and am simply amazed at the progress I have made since this time last week!

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  1. you seem like you feel so much better, and you are really looking good! The difference is amazing. Hope tomorrow is even better!