Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 12 Post Op

Another attempted smile.....getting better but still a long way to go...where are my teeth?


Ugg...the before
The swelling is going down...slowly but surely....will love it when it is all gone and I can totally see my cheekbones!  Still can't smile well because of that upper lip.  I see my surgeon on Thursday and I am sure he will remove that stitch behind the front of my upper lip and set that lip free.  Maybe I will have a smile with teeth by this weekend!

Energy still coming back.  Haven't had to take a nap since day 8 post op.  Today my girlfriend is coming over to watch the football game (go bucks!) then we are headed to the mall.  What a big day!  Such a relief to have some normalcy coming back!  Last night my daughter had her friend over for a sleepover and now we have every kid on the street playing in our basement.  Normal, normal, normal and I love it!!!

I can even drink my favorite Tim Horton's coffee out of the travel cup!  Just have to hold a paper towel underneath to be sure I don't dribble on myself.  Hey, I will take it!




  1. You are totally transformed! You must be esctatic to be at this point in your recovery. Even with the swelling you look fabulous! Keep posting, you are a real inspiration. I'm looking at very similar surgery at some point next spring. I'm in the obsessive/worry phase, and just want to get this done!

  2. Hi Mandy!
    Well, it is so nice to see your smile beeming! And, you look great! What a wonderful step dad to make you all those soups!! So much good news, glad to see syringes are in the "can" too!
    Have fun watching football and shopping at the mall!
    Cheers to you!

  3. Your step-dad rocks! You really look fantastic!!

  4. Looking good! I got here from archwired (I'm OhioM), and I'm 10 months post-op right now. Sorry you are going through it, but I am sort of relieved to find someone else who dealt with dry mouth. When you say "Sahara dry", I SO know what you mean! I still have the dry mouth now, but not as bad - I really need to ask about that. Your results are going to be amazing. I had a Lefort/genio - still getting used to the results. You look amazing already! Good luck with the rest of your recovery! Marianne

  5. Your dry mouth is probaby from mouth breathing at night. I was a major mouth breather and kept a bottle of water bedside constantly. MJS, you really do look awesome (and yes, so is your stepdad!lol). Don't worry about not seeing your teeth yet. It takes that upper lip awhile to get those muscles built back up to work right. Mine still looks like a stiff upper lip...esp. the longer the day wears on. And coffee at one week? You ROCK! I couldn't master the coffee cup until approx. 3 weeks post op and I was not so graceful about it either. Also, I was amazed to see how much you DO look like your projected profile. XOXOXOXO E