Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 13 Post Op

Slooooooooowly getting better

Yes, aren't I daring today wearing a white shirt.  Considering the fact that everything I eat dribbles down my chin.  Today I had some scrambled eggs for breakfast....just chopped it into tiny pieces and swallowed them but I will take it.  I had a big piece of egg stuck on my upper lip and couldn't feel it at all.  My husband asked if I was saving it for a snack. 

Good news is the drooling is getting better.  I rarely drool now but am on constant alert to suck the extra saliva in....nasty...I know.  But hey, this is a jaw surgery blog....not miss manners.  Keepin' it real for ya!

Slept the majority of the night in my bed....bought one of those wedges from Amazon and it helps (I put the link on here for anyone who is interested).  They are wide enough so I don't roll off of it.  Also, slept a little on my side....hope that is OK!  My surgeon is very lax so I am sure he would have no problem.  He has his patients on a soft chew diet after week one.  My teeth are still pretty numb so it makes it hard for me to attempt this.  The feeling is coming back in the bottom teeth though so that is good.  Top....totally numb.  Upper lip starting to regain feeling....bottom lip is totally numb.  Strange how that works.

Still haven't drove yet...sometime this week.  I also took a shower this morning as opposed to all of the baths I have been taking.  First shower since the dreaded pass out.  Did pretty good but was extra careful not to bend my head too far back while rinsing my hair. 

Went 12 hours without any advil!  Huge milestone for me!  Keeps getting better day by day!  Going to watch Toy Story 3 with the littles today.  Love it!


  1. Wow--the swelling in your upper lip really went down in the last 24 hours! Awesome!

    My gummy smile is a lot like your PREVIOUS smile! I can't wait to see a pic of your new toothy smile...thanks so much for this blog.

  2. Hi Mandy!
    Great news, it is great to hear and see things are getting closer to "normal" for you.
    Enjoy your movie day...sound like lots of fun!