Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 15

Natalie, do you see your family pic in the background?!?!  :)

So my day alone yesterday went great until about six when I was whooped!  I took a half of pain pill and it didn't give too much relief so I took the other half.  I am a lightweight! It made me feel dizzy and sick.  Yuck.  Luckily my mom got here at 8 (my husband was at a work dinner) and I hit the hay.  Feeling much better today but I now know....no more than 1/2 pain pill!!!!

Dry mouth is getting better at night.  A little, but still a noticeable difference.

Looking forward to my surgeon visit Thursday.  I have a lot of questions for him!

See you tomorrow!  (I included the link to my all time favorite pre/post surgery item- the Waterpik!)

By the way...should I get blonde highlights again or should I stay all brunette for fall/winter??  Thoughts???

***By the way I have added the pics from the first week to the first week post....view at your own risk- they are scary...don't let small children see********


  1. OMG, your smile looks natural today! Looking really good!

    Thanks for the tip on the water pik. I had thought about getting one now for my braces! Maybe I will pick one up!

    I have been blonde (natural as kid/highlights as adult) my entire life so I will always say blonde... :-)

  2. Okay, I just went for it and ordered the waterpik from Amazon!! :-P

  3. How cute is that smile? Your surgeon is going to be busting his buttons when he sees you!

    You are about the same age as my two daughters, so in a "mothery" way I was wondering how you would do on your first day with the kids. Glad your mom was there at 8, so you could get some rest. What an amazing support system you have! (Moms live for this stuff!) ;)

  4. BracedFaced- you will love the Waterpik!! LOVE,Love,Love!!!

    Lpadgett...you are so sweet! Thanks for the kind words, and yes, you are right...I am thankful for my wonderful support system!!

  5. Mandy,

    Did you find you would have wanted (or you may have already?) had the waterpik just with braces, pre-surgery? I am wondering if it is something that would be helpful to me now, or if I can hold off until closer to surgery in order to use it then!

    I say mahogany brown/reddish tint lowlights for Fall! :)

  6. That is the exact Waterpik I have and of course you know I love it too! :) I was curious if you were using it! It's so funny, I always kept it at a 10 speed prior to surgery and now I can only keep it at a 2 or it's painful. So strange how long it takes to heal. You look soooo adorable girl!!! I would go w/ the dark hair for fall. I used to always be blonde and I went dark w/a red undertone and I get lots of compliments. Sooo glad you're doing so well! XOXOXOXOXO E

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  8. Mandy, you look amazing! You have always been beautiful and have the prettiest eyes of anyone but coupled with the new chin... Wow! Once the swelling goes down I can only imagine how gorgeous you will be! And no headaches!!! Yay!

    Can't wait to see you-thanks for the daily record-
    Love, Aunt Janie