Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 17 Post Op

Terrible before pictures...but still.......obviously top is before and bottom row is after

Sorry can't get this to turn for some reason but notice on my bottom jaw the space
between the screws where he advanced the lower jaw.  OMG!
 So my visit with the surgeon went great.  Incisions are healing well and my bite looks great.  I have great range of movement for being only 17 days post op.  He removed the bands and I am band free!!!  Well until my visit with the ortho but that is another story.

My questions:
- Can I sleep on my side - yes
- Do I need to sleep elevated- no
- Can I yawn, sneeze, blow my nose- yes
-Can I chew- Not really....soft chew or no chew for four more weeks.  At least I will be able to eat for Thanksgiving.  With the huge advancement of my jaw he wants to give it a little more time before chewing.
-Are my stitches dissolvable- yes (thank the lord!)
-Do I need to do mouth exercises- no (this one is strange as I see that most people's surgeon's have them doing them but he said a definite no.  My mouth will be my guide)
-How long do I need to use Peridex- Finish the bottle..almost done so yeah as I know Peridex stains your teeth.  I will move to Listerine after I am done with the Peridex
I wasn't scheduled to see my ortho for 10 more days but the surgical wires are driving me crazy.  I can't believe I didn't get a pic to show you but they were six inches along between my top six teeth and drove me batty!  So I called since I was in town and bless their hearts they got me in in 15 minutes and they were so busy.  All of the ortho techs, front staff and two orthos were making over me. They all just kept saying they couldn't believe how different I looked.  I felt like a celebrity that was being followed!  They certainly do  a lot for a girl's self esteem!  :)  They changed my wires and it turned out I had a broken bracket which they fixed.  It was not the best feeling having those wires changed as my mouth is obviously still sensitive but I would have done whatever it took to get those top surgical wires out.  Let me tell you when I had everything out and brushed my teeth I almost threw up.  I am OCD teeth brusher and I did NOT like what I saw!!  Take my word for it!  I was shocked too because I thought I was doing really well with my Dora Toothbrush and Waterpik but alas, no.  When you can't feel the inside of your mouth or your teeth what do you expect.  GROSS!  He also has me with rubber bands in the back that need to be changed 3x's a day.  I was so nervous but actually did it pretty easily with a pair of tweezers.  I was so proud of myself!  You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be staying on top of those ortho gets my full cooperation!

Anyway, don't have another surgeon appointment until Nov. 18th and then I go back and see the surgeon and the ortho on Dec 6th.  I am ready to get crackin on those ortho appointments but I must be patient (not my best quality).  I am hoping for six months max in braces which puts removal time in the Spring.  I will be happy with that!


  1. Hi Mandy!
    Wow, awesome pictures, and your are look great! Great news on the most of the questions you asked! I am so happy for your progress!
    Funny story on the teeth, I have read that from many bloggers that between the splint and gear there seems to be quite a bit of room for "storing left overs" in your mouth~!
    Did you remember to ask about the transfusion??
    Very cute pictures of your daughter and you in previous post!!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I almost stop noticing that your face has changed a few days of 'post op posts' because I get used to what your face looks like in those pictures, and forget what you used to look like. WOW, you look different, but in a good way! You definitely still look like you, just more symmetrical and with a better smile! Congratulations on all of your progress, it is making me really anxious and excited for my surgery, although it's still months away.

  3. Wow Mandy!! You look great!! Your before & after shots are amazing. You can totally tell the difference. It makes me look forward to my surgery even more! Thank god I have a 9 month old to keep me busy;)
    One thing I wanted to ask you....are you able to talk comfortably? See, when I have my surgery next year, I'll be off my mat leave and back at work. Do you suggest that it would be OK to go back to work in 3 weeks time or would 2 weeks be OK. And are you able to talk properly....because my job does involve me talking. So just wanted to find out how you're feeling now 3 weeks post op.

  4. Bev- I am talking pretty well and it has got much better this week. I would say for sure try to take off three weeks if you can. Not only for talking reasons but at two weeks post op you will still be pretty tired. Go for three! I have my bands off so that helps...not sure if your surgeon will keep you banded longer?? May want to ask. My mouth gets pretty tired when I talk a lot. I cant say "B"'s well....I was helping my daughter with her homework and telling her to write b and she kept writing

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. You look beautiful! I've been reading your blog lately. I'm in my 30's also and will be having jaw surgery in the spring. It's encouraging to see how quickly you are recovering. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Hi Mandy, just had a look at your 3 before and after pictures in this post, and they look great! In my opinion, I think the biggest improvement is your smile, it looks amazing. I'm hoping that having the surgery will make my smile a bit less gummy, and seeing your results has given me confidence that it will definitely improve my smile! Good luck with the rest of your recovery, hope you're doing well, Sarah x

  7. Has any of your rubber bands broke on you? I've broken two of my rubber bands but my doctor put two rubber bands on each side so I was just wondering if it happened to you yet.