Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 18 Post Op

Sorry to do this to you but WHAT A DIFFERENCE 2 1/2 weeks make!!!  Holy Shiznit! This
pic was taken the day after my surgery!  I am LOVING this hair style!  :) Josh kept calling me Hitch from that movie when he had an allergic reaction and his lips swelled up.  He so funny!


Sorry for that picture but WOW....amazing how fast the body can heal!  Thank god!!!!  Slept in my bed for the entire night now that I don't have to sleep elevated.  Did sleep on two pillow though.  Yeah!

We had trick or treat last night and of course it was about 40 degrees and windy as all get out.  I made it approx 10 minutes with the kids and then Josh took them the rest of the way.  Cold and wind and a numb face DO NOT MIX!  My face hurt...that topped with the pain I already had from the surgeon and the ortho poking around in there.  Not good.

My fab step-dad made turkey chili that we blended and it was fab!!!  Got to spend some time with my Aunt & Uncle who came over too.  Great night!

My mom & step-dad just left so today I regain the control of the house.  Am I ready?  Yes and no.  I will probably take a nap while my little guy is and the girls are at school or at the very least spend some time on the couch.  But how to keep up with the house?  We will see.  At least it is Friday and hubs will be home this weekend.  By Monday I am three weeks post op and should be good to go.  Still get tired easily but the pain is easily managed with Advil and an occasional half of pain pill at night.

Brent, forgot to ask the surgeon if I got a blood transfusion.  Am doubting it but I will mark it down to ask at my next appointment.  Sorry!!!!


  1. You look amazing!!! Congratulations on your fantastic outcome and speedy recovery!!

  2. You really do look great! You are so on the other side now! I bet you are soooo relieved! Some days I am so terrified and then other days I just want the surgery over with and to be on day 18 like you! Today is one of those days I wish I was on the other side!

  3. What a stunning transformation! You look fantastic, and @ only 3 weeks post-surgery! Congratulations!