Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 19 Post Op

Not much to report today.  Today the numbness is really annoying me.  I know that it is part of the process but uggggggg.

Anyway hope everyone is having a great Halloween weekend!!  :)


  1. Hi Mandy!
    Wow, you look fabulous! I just read your last post too, and wow those are some crazy pictures! It is nice to see you "out and about" and getting better every day. You are right, it is absolutely amazing how fast the human body recovers and heals!
    Enjoy your Halloween!!
    Cheers to you!

  2. Mandy, you look really good! Congratulations! I was wondering, did you go through with the genioplasty and also did you have to have any teeth extracted? I'm asking because I'm supposed to have two teeth extracted (lower first bicuspids) which supposedly would reduce the need for a genio but I'm freaking out about the teeth extractions (for several reasons I won't go into but mostly due to its impact on TMJ and facial aesthetics) and am wondering if the genio would be better? Your results are very natural! Just curious what all you had done.


  3. Brent- thanks as always for your support and kind words! :)

    Tara- I did not have any extractions, with my damon braces extractions are typically unnecessary-----who the heck knows why.

    I did have a genio and am glad I did!

    What did your surgeon recommend??


  4. Mandy - unfortunately I have to have the two mandibular first bicuspids removed. I called the OD this morning to discuss alternatives and he said there aren't any in my case because based on my skeletal formation, the only way to advance the mandible is by extracting these teeth, otherwise, I'll end up with an underbite. Apparently, my upper teeth are in almost the right location so they don't need to come out much more. I guess I see what he is saying because if I push my lower jaw out to where they project it needs to be, my top and bottom teeth perfectly align and sight right on top of each other which obviously won't work. I was concerned about having a dished/mushed in appearance and also losing fullness in my face and lip appearance but the OD said that it won't give me that look because I'm not extracting the teeth on top, only the bottom. I sure hope he's right, because I'm really nervous about the final outcome. I guess I just have to trust in them. The OS did tell me when I had the 2nd consultation with him after he'd met with the OD that the extractions were necessary.

    They told me that the extractions will have an added benefit of giving me more of a chin although I'll likely still need the genio. How far did they move your jaw and chin individually? You look amazing! I am thinking of printing your before and after photos and telling my OS/OD that this is the sort of natural look I'm hoping for. Your OS is very skilled! Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions :-)

  5. Tara- I think that a good portion of people who have this surgery have had teeth removed as part of the process. I haven't noticed any difference in the outcome in all of the tons of blogs I have poured over. You will look great don't worry!

    My lower jaw was moved a total of 15.4mm (that was the projected before movement...not sure if that is the exact but will confirm with my surgeon). A HUGE amount...just goes to show you how bad my jaw was!!! I thought I would end up looking like Jay Leno with that huge movement but alas, I don't! :) The upper was moved up 5 or 6mm.

    Thank you SO much for the kind kind kind words. That is so nice to hear especially when I am in this transitional phase, shock almost, of my new look! :)

    You ask as many questions as you need, I am happy to help!