Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 8 Post Op

Bow chicka wow waw
 Today is another better day!  Oh happy day!

Annoying things:
Face doesn't look like "me"
Numb still from eyeballs down- tingling all the time and little areas seem to be better
Drooling ALL the time
I am yellow (not the song from coldplay, my face is actually the color yellow, but I do love that song)
Have something "stuck" in the back of my throat that I can not clear.  It has to be a stitch or something because it almost feels like it is sitting there

Happy things:
Slept great last night (did take a xanax before bed to help me sleep and it totally knocked me out, think I will take only a half tonight)
Off all narcotics
Pain manageable with advil
FINALLY felt good enough to watch TV!!!
FINALLY felt good enough to be on the computer
Profile is looking good
Two of my three kids will look at me (my 8 year old is having a hard time adjusting to my new look)
Probiotics are the bomb( Have some on hand!)
The only medications I am on that are liquid are the antibiotics.  All other pills I swallow!
Had a phone consult with my surgeon yesterday and he didn't feel it necessary for me to drive to Detroit today so I will just meet with him next week.  YEAH!

Strange things:
Weird feeling in my left thigh the last few days, almost like it is a little numb???  Ideas???
I suck my spit in periodically hoping I don't drool (H.O.T.!)
Have a huge stitch maybe hanging down on the underside of my upper lip


  1. Hi Mandy!
    Bow Chicka Wow Wow...That is funny!

    You look great!!

    Glad to hear all the many positive going on for you right now! Especially sleep and pain relief. Drooling is, as you know, very common experience. And, amazing recovery not needing all the narco's

    Cheers to you and your continued excellent recovery!

  2. Awwww...I love Yellow too (Coldplay)!!!! What a good song to have stuck in my head all morning. You sound right on track now! I'm soooo happy for you. Things will be improving every day. So glad you're off the pain meds. That could've been the culprit of some of that. Spit sucking...how could I forget? It DOES finally go a way. I thought I'd be a clucking chicken forever and it really only lasted 2-3 weeks! ;) Keep on truckin' girl. You're doing AWESOME!!!!!!!

  3. I sent you a message yesterday, or at least I thought I did! I don't see it here though. I just wanted to say that you look great and that your optimism is enviable! I will probably be a total baby when it is my turn! And it sounds like you have a great support system at home. You are lucky! I will say that I am totally terrified by your first week though! I am going to need to be drugged and taken to the OR against my will! So glad you are getting peaceful rest. This will all be worth it in the end! :-)