Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hubby's Update

Wow.  Let's just say this has been a very challenging week.   Mandy had her surgery on Monday and all went well.  She did her best to prepare me for what I was going to see afterwards but it just wasn't the same.  When I saw her about 20 minutes after her surgery, I got light headed and almost went down.  Luckily I was in the hospital. 

Mandy's recovery was going well.  We stayed two nights in the hospital due to our travel time.  The three hour ride home went smoothly.  Then Friday morning came and Mandy had a lot of pain and naseau.  She bounced back and we thought we were on our way.  Well Saturday rolled around and we hit rock bottom.  The medication she was on was causing the naseau to worsen and we couldn't get the pain under control.  About 2 pm I took her to our local emergency room and they got her feeling better. 

Today is Sunday, 6 days later.   She woke up feeling good and wanted to go downstairs and sit on the couch.  After we got downstairs she decided she was feeling up to a shower.  While in the shower Mandy got light headed and went out - Cold.  I have never been so scared in my life.  After a few seconds she came back.  Then she went out again while trying to get her back into bed.  I called the Dr on call and he told me it was normal.   The high dosage of pain medication and not being active made for a bad combination.   So when she got up and moved around, her major muscle groups sucked up all the blood from her head.  That coupled with the hot shower caused the fainting.  Take my advice on this, change positions slowly and limit activity even when you think you are feeling better.  Take a bath until you become more active.

All that said, Sunday evening is here and cross my fingers, we appear to have turned the corner. 


  1. I soooo hope she's turned the corner! That's a rough week. So sorry to hear that! :( I'm surprise the hosptial didn't go over 'showering' at discharge. That makes me mad! They made sure to let me know to have a chair/bench in there if I was going to take one. I probably used it for a few weeks. Def until I was off all meds. Nausea should get better especially once she gets off the pain pills (and antibiotics). Make sure she gets some dairy/yougurt. That seems to help...and ALWAYS take time to get to a sitting/standing position. Just like everyone says, it's a marathon and it takes lots of careful time. Prayers and XOXOXOXO Get Better Soon Mandy!!!!

  2. Hi there Mr. Hubby!

    Thanks for the update! Hang in there, it does seem somewhat normal for Mandy to be light headed even with what would seem to be easy movements! Good advice on the taking it easy! I am glad you guys got the pain under control. That is a very critical thing to manage. I know that from when I broke my collar bone and could not get the pain under control and I sure did suffer from that.

    You two take care of yourselves!


  3. Thanks for your thoughts guys! Really means a lot! I swear I will post pics and more updates once I stop seeing double! :) xoxoxo

  4. Oh Mandy, wishing you the best! Sounds like the worst is over and hopefully you will be feeling much better soon! :-)

  5. Mandy - Nat forwarded this site to me and you're a trooper for going through all this. I'm glad you're starting to feel better and that everything went well.

    On a side note after reading Josh's blog entry, who the hell taught him how to spell "nausea"? Hahaha.

    I hope things continue to get better for you. Take care!