Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One step back - Surgery Day- Oct 11th - Day 6 Post Op

Had to be at the hospital, St Joe's Ann Arbor, at 6:30am Monday, October 11th.  Everything moved pretty quickly as my surgery was at 7:30am.  Got checked in and called back almost immediately.  Changed in a gown, had the nicest nurse who took all of my vitals, gave me a prego test (yeah -) and the drs started coming over to introduce themselves.  Dr. Hitchcock my surgeon came over and asked if I had any last minute questions, and I asked him if he got a good night sleep. HA! He said it was a great night of sleep and then off I went.  Said my goodbyes to my hubs and dad  and went into the O.R.  That was all she wrote......

Waking up.....
Don't remember much but being very groggy and having a major headache.  I don't think I respond well to anesthesia because the last time I had it I had a killer headache for days afterwards and this was no exception.

I remember thinking I couldn't breathe.  I was trying to explain to all of the nurses there was no way I was breathing (by writing on my erase board) and they assured me my respiration rates were all great. 

I am not sure if I was in a ton of pain but it was just such a strange feeling being so numb.  I was numb from my eye sockets all the way down to my chin.  The inside of my mouth was all numb of course too, with the exception of my tongue.

Everything was pretty hazy that day.  I remember a lot of nurses coming in and out talking to me.  They were trying to get me to stay awake for a little while because my blood pressure was so low.  I was just too tired to stay awake.  I remember *I think* a nurse saying I had lost a lot of blood.  Something 100.  I don't think I needed blood because they never told my husband I had a blood transfusion but this is something I am still going to ask my surgeon about.

I could hear my husband on the phone talking to various friends/family members.  He kept saying how well everything went and how great I was doing considering what I had been through.  I was laying there too tired to talk rolling my eyes thinking....what the hell are you talking about, there is no great, I am terrible!?!?!  At one point he was describing the surgery to one of my friends saying the OR nurse told him how graphic the surgery is (I won't elaborate for most of us jaw-breakers do not want nor need to know how graphic it is) I just rose my hand up and flipped him off.  He got the point!  :)

After surgery...couldn't even open my eyes

My poor hubs..he almost passed out when he saw me!

Day One Post Op
-Blood Pressure still low
-My surgeon decided that he was going to keep me another night in the hospital due to my low blood pressure and my long drive home
-Learned how to drink through a syringe

Doesn't get more uncomfortable than this!  :(

Day Two
-Long drive home- went better than expected slept most of the way
-Got home and took up camp in my bedroom
-My kids are afraid of my and the way I look/act
-Seeing double/keep eyes shut at all times because of this

Day Three/Four
-Two kids still afraid- my sweet 5 year old came around and visits the bedroom often
-Major headache
-Still seeing double
-Lay in dark all the time
-Dry mouth like you wouldn't believe

Day Five (the worst day by far)
-Headache now migraine
-Have to have sheets draped over blinds because ALL light hurts my eyes
-Seriously was so miserable I laid there and whimpered all day
-Nausea so I didn't want to drink anything
-Finally at 2 I had enough and went to ER for IV's- stayed there for a few hours where they tried to get the pain under control and me re hydrated...You can imagine what the drs/nurses thought when my husband brought me in with my face all swollen bruised.  Not a good thing
***Day 5 didn't get a picture

Day Six
-Got up thinking I needed to fight through this so I took a shower...passed out cold...luckily hubs caught me over to lay me in the bed....passed out again...dr on call on the phone-apparently this is normal
-Back to bed again, me pissed ready for this to be over
-Finally started feeling a bit better-migraine gone at 4
-Thank the lord the migraine is gone!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I'll be sending well wishes your way for fast reduction of the swelling!

    My surgery is on the 26th. I have children younger than yours--I hope they don't have problems with my face!

  2. wow, you are one ugly looking chick

  3. I very much appredite all your post of your surgery. i am 49 yrs old and and have been wanting a great smile since i can remeber. i am finaly starting the process. i just got my top braces on last week and i will be getting my bottom ones on after in 8 wks (need an implant put in back lower jaw first). all is going well but i am sooooo very afraid of the surgery!the cost scares me to death. but, mostly the numbness part is what i fear even more. I think that is going to drive me crazy! and im especialy afraid of it being perment (due to my age). I am thinking about not even going through with it because of that fear. how did you deal with the that part....and was it all worth it...wud you do it again?

  4. I've looked through your before/after pictures & I think you look beautiful! I'm having upper/lower surgery Tuesday morning & came across your blog while researching orthognathic surgery. Thank you for documenting your progress on a blog for others to see! I'm not looking forward to my surgery (honestly I'm scared to death)...but reading about your experience & seeing how well your doing makes me feel a little better!

  5. Btw...I'm 30something while going through braces & orthognathic surgery too, lol!

  6. autygergrad- Hope your surgery went well!!! Sorry took so long for me to respond, just saw your comment! Hope you are feeling better by now...takes awhile to feel human again! :)

  7. Thank you for sharing these pictures and describing your experience! I was just told a couple days ago that I need orthognathic surgery: I have an anterior open bite and my right jaw is misaligned. I still have to consult with a surgeon, which won't happen for a few weeks, so it's helpful to read about other people's experiences with this process to have some idea of what it will be like for me. Good luck to you!