Saturday, November 6, 2010

25 Days Post Op

Smile is getting better but the top right lip doesn't want to smile as much as the top left just yet

My littles....aren't they cute!?!?!?! 

Not much different to report.  Getting better slowly but surely.  Numbness is still the same for the most part although my cheeks are getting a little more feeling back.  The area between my upper lip and nose is still VERY numb causing smiling issues.  My range of movement is good.  The only time it hurts is when I move my jaw from side to side too far.

Report more at four weeks post op!


  1. Wow! Mandy, you look amazing! Your after pics are really pretty and in my opinion look way better than the projections! I think your genio is very natural and feminine (something I'm somewhat concerned about - I don't want a huge chin but have been told that I will need the genio). Did you give your surgeon any specifics on what you hoped to accomplish in your "after" look or did you just let them do what they thought was best? The only thing I've really expressed to my surgeon about the aesthetic goals is that I'd like to be able to wear my hair in a pony tail without feeling self conscious. The OS also suggested correcting the gummy smile which in my opinion isn't super bad, but they believe it will also give my profile a boost to impact it slightly because the lower jaw will have room to rotate upward a bit. You obviously had a great surgeon with an aesthetic eye. I know I shouldn't be so focused on the effects this will have on my appearance, but I definitely want them to be positive changes.

    Also, just curious but how annoying is the numbness? My biggest fear about this surgery is how I will handle permanent numbness and exactly what that would mean if I was one of the unlucky ones who end up with permanent nerve damage. I think I read it's unlikely to impact muscle movement, since those are different nerves. I guess I just wonder if any of you had similar fears and how you overcame them. What is the likelihood of permanent numbness? My surgeon said that usually it's just small spots here and there and it's not like you have zero feeling- it's still considered numbness if you have less sensation than prior to the surgery. He also said that for those who have permanent numbness, they are not really that bothered by it. Just curious if all of you were told something similar and if there is any way to describe how it impacts you after the surgery. Is there anything that can be done to minimize this risk (aside from picking a great surgeon!)?

    By the way, you have a lovely family! :-)

  2. Tara- Thanks for the sweet words! I really didn't give my surgeon much direction as far as what I wanted to look like post surgery. When we had our meetings he seemed to know exactly what I wanted so I just put my trust in him. Scary thing to do though!

    Yes, the numbness is a scary thing....esp because I am four weeks post-op and still have a lot of numbness. The thing that is keeping me going with that is that I really can tell that it is getting better but it is SO SLOW! The part that is annoying for me is that I still feel like I have a frozen look on my face. My upper lip doesn't move a lot when I talk. But this is slowly getting better and moving a little more. Also, because my lower lip and chin are numb, it is harder to eat because I have NO IDEA if food is on my lip. More often then not something is stuck on my face. That is annoying. But this is something that we really have no control over when deciding to have the surgery. We just have to give it time to get the feeling back. And, I agree with your surgeon, if it is just a few numb spots, I don't think it is a huge deal. As a matter of fact, I will be thrilled when my numbness gets down to just a few spots!

    The numbness is a frustrating part of surgery but just a part of the process. Is it bothering me enough to regret the And I am super numb! :) I thought it would be a lot worse...esp considering how annoyed I would always be after I was numb when I had a filling from the dentist.

    Hope this helps! I think all I did was ramble on forever!


  3. Your post helps a lot! Thanks Mandy! I am very appreciative of all of your feedback. It must feel good to know you're helping so many others who haven't made it to the other side yet.

    I'm glad you don't regret the surgery even with all the numbness. I had two teeth extracted last Friday so for me, even though I'm early in the process and surgery is quite a ways off, I cannot change my mind now that I've pulled perfectly healthy teeth. Not that I'm thinking of backing out but I like having my options! :-)

    I'm enjoying following your journey and thanks again for taking the time to answer all of my questions! Looking forward to your next post!

    Take care,