Monday, November 1, 2010

3 weeks Post Op!!

Wow...can't believe it is November 1st....seems like most of my October I was out of it!!!  But so glad I am back for my favorite holiday season coming up!!

Things I am eating now:
avocado- yep....I eat an entire one for lunch usually!  Mash with fork, add salt, voila!
soup, soup and more soup blended up
baked potato
ice cream
spaghetti with marinara sauce chopped up so I don't have to chew
scrambled eggs with cheese

I lost six pounds the first week when I was eating nothing and have held steady.  obviously I am eating enough of above items to not lose anymore weight but geesh...I don't feel like it!

Can  drink out of a 9oz plastic cup...hard to drink out of a can or bottle of water due to numb lips.  Did drink through a straw yesterday but it wasn't easy and I sucked a lot of air!  LOL

Numbness: hasn't got much better since the first week.  Still numb under my eyes, apples of my cheeks, around & under nose, roof of mouth, 50% numb on nose, bottom lip and chin totally numb.  This is tough stuff and annoying but only annoying in fleeting week moments that I have,

Pain is very much under control.  Take Advil occasionally. Every now and then take 1/2 pain pill before bed.  Going to stop with the pain pills and take 1/2 xanax so I can sleep....still need help with that.

Sleep with my wedge and then my pillow on top.  Do sleep on my side now so that helps.  When I wake up in the middle of the night is when I feel the most pain...must be the way I am holding my mouth when I sleep???

Energy level is about 60%.  Do fine with the kiddos but am trying to take a short nap each stay so I can keep up.  Three little kiddos and jaw surgery are not a great combo!

All of this being said- I still every day am amazed at my transformation.  Especially the profile!  It is hard to believe that it is me but I am starting to get used to the new girl in the mirror.  I like her! :)

It is funny but when I am in public I feel like people are staring at me because I feel like I look so strange because I am numb.  But with the bruising mostly gone and the swelling down about 80% I am pretty sure that I don't look like a freak to anyone but myself!  :)

It is still hard to believe that this surgery is behind me.  It was only 8 short months ago when I got this wild hair up my ass to go ahead with this surgery.  I have know that I should get it since high school but my super cool self refusing to get braces put me behind by 18 years. Because of this decision my hard working husband has financed this "project".  Fourteen thousand dollars later here we are.  It is a hard pill to swallow knowing that I spend so much of my little families money.  This should have been money put towards college for my three kids!  I am in the process of forgiving myself for this....I know we will get our kids to college and luckily it is far away!  Hey, you never know, we can always hope for scholarships! 

This is quite a journey but one with such a great outcome!  Whatever part of this journey you are on I wish you WELL! 

Thanks for all of the support from everyone.  Especially my husband, mom & bob!  The first week I needed 24 hour care and I got it.  Somehow they managed to take care of the kids on top of me!  And my besties for their moral support, Lo, Angie B, Natalie, Stacey & Angie D and my bestie blogger Elisha.  And many others who are too numerous to name!  I had many meals brought to my house, many calls, facebook messages, emails, emergency visits from my dad & step-mom, messages and flowers from my in-laws!   I am truly blessed and I know it!

I know it seems like this is my last is not!  Just having an emotional thankful day.  Roller-coaster remember?!?!?!?! 


  1. Your menu sounds delicious! I love my carbs though so that will be hard for me! I won't mind losing a few pounds though! Lol.

    Hey, gotta silly question... How long after surgery before you can talk? I would guess right away but with difficulty?

  2. Awww....okay that WAS sappy! I'm thinking...what kind of bad news is she hiding from me??? :) LOL! I know...emotional roller coaster! Your menu sounds soooo like mine! And...the other day I also dove in to the reese's and melted a little bit of almond joy (minus the almond) and ate it! Puma Party!!!!:) Yummy! You look great (and sound very positive!) ! Enjoy your week! XOXOXOXO E