Monday, November 15, 2010

Five Weeks Post Op

Dora & I just wanted to give a quick shout out at five weeks post op.  Doing well.  Energy level is much better- I would say 85%.  I know I am feeling much better because I am starting to crave a night out on the town!  Ye-haw!  My numbness is getting better but still very numb on chin, lower lip, roof of mouth and space between my upper lip and nose.  I am getting more sharp random shooting pains, especially in my chin which I am hoping is the nerves firing up getting ready to give me my feeling back. 

I go to the surgeon for another post op on Thursday so I am hoping to get clearance for chewing! But I certainly haven't lost anymore weight because of my obsession with chocolate.  Can let that melt in my mouth just fine dammit...I really should have much more weight loss to show for five weeks of no chewing!  :)

Hope everyone is well!!
xoxo Mandy 


  1. even obsess about your OWN backgrounds! You and! That totally made my day. Maybe in my next photo I'll put something for you to "I Spy". :) That can be our game! You look great and you don't NEED to lose anymore weight, skinny minny! Yeah, I've started crushing some oreos in a little milk to soften them up...not a good thing b/c I could still stand to lose some weight! :) Enjoy your chocolate! XOXOXO E

  2. I am a background girl, what can I say?!?! HA! Are you chewing yet?? Don't you see your surgeon this week too?? I am going to rubberband land myself on Thursday. Whatever we got to do to get the metal out of the mouth!! Still voting for your dad, I see that you get some jewels if he wins....that would be a nice xmas gift for you! You certainly deserve it with all the the insurance issues you have had!!
    Let me know how the surgeon visit goes!

  3. Yeah, I see the surgeon on Thurs. I really can't "chew" b/c my back molars don't touch so I still pretty much use my tongue and push stuff around and swallow. I hope my dad wins!!! If he does my sis and I want to use the jewelry money to "bless" the community somehow...I'm not much of a jewelry type person! :) XOXO E

  4. Hi Mandy! I got your message! Yeah...I posted that I was whimping out of surgery and then deleted it... Lol. I am a nut. I am at the point where I really need to make up my mind and I am getting myself all worked up.

    I feel okay with the surgery itself. I am tough and I can get through it. But its the cosmetic affects that have me all freaked out. I know that I have "flaws", etc but I am general content with the way I look. Being 32 years old, I have already gone through the stages of accepting myself for who I am. I am terrified of having to go through that all over again, like a teenager.

    Even if I end up looking "better", I still think I am going to have a hard time seeing someone else in the mirror. But honestly, I think I might end up looking a little worse. I personally have always LOVED my profile. I agree that I would look nicer without a gummy smile but I don't want to lose the shape of my face!

    I went to my orthodontist yesterday and he suggested I talk to my surgeon again. He really needs to know if I am doing the surgery because if I am not, we need to get together and discuss options. Although he keeps stressing that my non-surgical options are not very favorable. He says he is very limited on what he can achieve with my bite because I am a classic surgical case.

    I only had computer images done by one surgeon and he is not the one I am going with. They were dark and didn't show my jaw line and the surgeon seemed like he was struggling with the software. I called the surgeon whom I plan to use and I go back Nov 29th for some computer imaging and so I can ask all my questions. Hopefully that will put my mind at ease.

    I really want to go ahead with the surgery. I will be disappointed in myself if I don't. I just feel like I have no idea what I am going to look like afterwards. Like I am turning in my current face and rolling the dice on a new one.

    Maybe I am being too vain? I just keep thinking I am going to come back to work, and see my friends and family, and everyone is going to say, "What the hell did you do to your face!?"

    Thanks for listening! Nov 29th couldn't come quicker! I will definitely post my projected images as soon as I get them!

  5. hi Mandy,
    first of you look amazing, swelling seems down alot...
    you know i completly forgot that you can eat chocolate, but OMG thankkk you, something to look foward too..chocolate =D
    that random shooting pain, does that hurt?

    anyhow you look really great and your before and after speak for themselves

    wish you the best

  6. Mandy,

    You look great! Eat all the chocolate you want and ENJOY!!!

    See you on black Friday. Miss you!!!

    Your favorite cousin - HAHA! :)

  7. Mandy, I was just catching up on the last week. You look great and we are anxious to see you Thursday. Uncle Denny looked at all the last week but he gets nauseous thnking about the surgery and post op pics so won't go there. ;)

    Aunt Janie