Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Update and before & afters

Good news!  After my complaining post about insurance...they have paid one of the two bills!  YEAH!  It was the one to the surgeon, the one to the hospital is still pending.  But we have progress!!  Happy! Also, I can't believe what the surgeon bills and what the insurance pays!  He billed around $13,000 and the insurance negotiated rate is $3500.  That sucks!  I feel like he deserves much more.  I did pay for the genio, and my insurance covered the $1000 for the splint and they pay for every pre & post op visits...but still.  He did such a great me some Dr. Hitchcock!

Surgeon's projected imagine...after right before left.....I look like I am saying "duhhhh" in the before

25 day post op...keep in mind this is the best smile I can muster right now

Super huge smile before.....look at the difference in my chin  in the after....wowzas

My dysfunctional bite before - can't give you the after yet but it is almost perfect

Upper lip still swollen but getting better

Makes me cringe every time I see the before profile....yuck


  1. Hi Mandy!
    What great news to hear that the insurance helped you out with the bill!
    Your profile is looking amazing, I am glad to see that the swelling is going way down!!

    have a wonderful week!

  2. Looking good girl! So glad to hear that insurance has paid one of the bills. Of course they will but still it is annoying to see it pending!

    Hey, question for you! Do you notice any changes in your skin's elasticity or any sagging or anything? I was told by a dentist (not mine) that any facial surgery, especially in adults, can result in loose skin. Specifically a "jowl" affect if the jaw is shortened any. Just wondering because I am concerned about that. Did your surgeon even mention that? Mine did not but I plan to ask him when I see him next month

  3. Hi Mandy,

    Just wanted to say that I think your after pics are amazing! Gives me reassurance that I'm doing the right thing by going through with this surgery! Hope your recovery's going well x