Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reece's Cups

Realized yesterday that I can break them up and they melt in my mouth.  I ate FIVE today.  YIKES!  And, the day isn't over. 


  1. ha! reese cups have been my best friend too. and thin bars of lindor - totally melts in your mouth with no chewing required.

  2. Hey, no doubt. Eat what you can and if it tastes really good that's even better. I cracked up when I saw the picture of Hitch. I looked just like him. Congratulations on your surgery! Yeah, you made it through the worst of it and you look maaavelous. June

  3. Yummy! That sounds delicious! Just curious but does anyone know what the average weight loss is after surgery? I ask because I'm planning to eat whatever I want prior to the surgery if there is a good chance I'll loose it. I'd like to maintain the weight I'm at now, if possible.

  4. Thanks June! Congrats again on getting those braces off!

    Tara- I lost six pounds the first week and that is it. I am 5 7' and weighed 130 and am down to 124. I like 124 but don't want to go below 120. Doesn't look like I am going to with my reece's addiction!

  5. thanks for the follow up Mandy!

    Hey, I have a question - totally off the subject of reece's :-) - but last week I had a second opinion on the teeth extractions and they were definitely necessary so that eased my mind. i never had a second consult with an oral surgeon before last week, and it actually raised some questions in my mind.

    One thing that surprised me is that he said he performs about 150 a year and probably more than anyone in Atlanta. He said he knows the OS who I'm planning to perform my surgery. He said he knows he trained under a great surgeon, but my particular surgeon is a lot less experienced. That was interesting because my OS told me he performed more of these than anyone in the area (but it's only about 30 a year). I'm curious, is there anyway to verify anything either of these OS's are telling me?

    How did you pick your OS and what was important in making your decision? Maybe I'm not asking the right questions. For me, skill/experience is most important (prob like everyone else) - due to age I'm concerned about nerve damage and other complications, and if he has an aesthetic eye that is preferred - so far I've only seen one person who I thought looked worse from surgery and it was likely due to massive weight loss and a new haircut not from surgery itself. So probably all surgeons have this "artist's eye."

    One thing that concerned me in particular is that my OS told me I should have my deviated septum fixed prior to jaw surgery next fall. I was told by the second OS last week that no I should wait because more likely than not, this would be corrected during the jaw surgery. He pulled out a model skull and explained how the upper jaw surgery affects the septum and how it gets corrected during surgery.

    lastly, this second OS said I would definitely want a genio (not a maybe like the first suggested). he was explaining that my chin is starting to dimple already and that due to the muscle structure in my chin, a genio would be the only thing to correct that.

    Any advice? I'm confused but I do have a long way from now so I guess I have time.

    P.S. your recent pics look fantastic!!!!

  6. Tara- who does your ortho recommend?? I went to the best orthodontist in the area. He obviously works with oral surgeon's often because he is an ortho. He said, that if it were him or his children getting the surgery that he would recommend him WAY over anyone else in the area. That was reassuring enough for me. The first meeting with the surgeon I knew he was the one for me. He answered all of my questions and was so patient. I never felt rushed. I have always been told that I would need upper, lower and genio....and he confirmed that.

    Have you tried posting on under the jaw surgery forum asking if anyone has a surgeon they recommend in your area? I have found that board to be very helpful.

    Hope that helps! :)


  7. Apparently my new name is Mandu. HA!

  8. So glad I found your blog.. I am on day 3 post op of lower jaw surgery.. I also have 3 little ones - 6,5 3 who have endured the braces now watching mommy look like a very scary pumpkin. Watching my husband dive into the candy while I sip on ensure... things have to get better.. right?