Friday, December 3, 2010

7 1/2 weeks Post Op

7 1/2 weeks post op- still me but without gummy mcgummerson!  :)

Continuing to improve and couldn't be happier.  Feeling is coming back more and more I  would say I now have 20% feeling in lower lip and chin but roof of my mouth is still totally numb.  

I ate a slice (well three slices) of peanut butter toast today!!  I COULD BITE INTO IT!!! This is a first!  So excited.


  1. Hey girl! I just posted comments on your previous post. You look so good! I can only hope my results are as good as yours!!

    What exactly did you have done? How many mm impaction? How many was your bottom jaw moved forward?

    7.5 weeks and still so numb? And still can't eat much? Wow! I know that is normal but when I think about how long its been since your surgery...and how much I have ate...I can't even imagine!

    Is it hard to deal with? The numbness and lack of eating? How is your family surviving? I feel like my bf is going to starve. Right now we enjoy our dinners together so much...

  2. Bottom jaw moved forward 15mm total including the genioplasty. Upper moved up 6mm.

    The numbness is less annoying than it would seem. Especially considering I couldn't stand to be numb even after a filling. And because it is getting better, even though it is very slowly getting better, it helps with my patience. Let's just say the good outweighs the a mile!

    I eat plenty. Just have been taking it very slowly with the chewing...but trust me I eat. Lots of pasta and baked potatoes. But am able to eat much more now. Family is basically eating what I eat...if I make something hard to eat, I will just eat the side items. seems a lot worse that it is. No starving....promise!!!!

  3. This makes me feel so much better!!!! thank you!! I am on day 8 of post surgery recovery. I have two small children 1 and 3!! I am asking myself why I have done this!!! I just had my splint removed and elastics loosened. I am finding much more pain since this was done. Like you said, I find it much worse at night. I think I may be taking a trip to the doctors today!!! i need pain medication. I was prescribed liquid tylenol 3, its not really working. I felt so fusturated, the pain and lack of energy and sleep!! until I read your story!! Thank you

  4. Priestly - hang in there- you will turn the corner any minute now! Just be sure to have some ensure or blended soup in your stomach before taking your pain meds...and hell yes....if the tylenol 3 isn't working get something stronger! You should be able to call your surgeon and get him (her) to prescribe you something stronger without having to go out of the house.

    Good luck and HANG IN THERE! Promise, promise, promise the worst will be behind you soon!
    :) Mandy

  5. You look fantastic! I have been following your progress for awhile and wanted to say thank you for documenting your experience in this blog. It is very helpful to know what I might expect when I finally have my upper jaw surgery done (16 months from now, maybe sooner if my teeth cooperate and move fast).