Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eight Weeks!!!!

Top row is before braces/surgery- middle row is 2 1/2 weeks post op - bottom row is 8 weeks post op

You can see how much the swelling has gone down
What, WHAT, WHAT!?!?!?!  Had an ortho visit yesterday and he said things look great!  I am progressing VERY well and am potentially only two months away from debanding!  WHAT!!! I was so exciting I couldn't stand it!  YEAH!  Will know for sure my next appointment which is Jan 3rd.  He is trying to get things moving along because he knows what a pain it is to be over three hours away.  I did almost seven hours of driving yesterday.  But who cares because I am on the home stretch! 

Stopped by the surgeon's office and he said I am looking great, healing well and won't have to see him again until my braces are off. 

Seriously if you live in Detroit.....my ortho and surgeon are top notch.  Could not give them a higher recommendation!

AND...my insurance has paid all of my bills!!!!  Now remember I still had a $3,000 deductible and I paid for and the braces ($7200). My insurance even covered some of my geniopolasty.  I couldn't believe it!  I actually got a check back from the surgeon yesterday because I overpaid.  By A LOT!  HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!  I called Anthem to thank them!  :)


  1. Do you have a four leaf clover up your a$$? Seriously girl, you have been blessed in so many ways by this surgery! I would kill for your results! And now insurance paid a bit of your genio!? Wow! You must have been a good girl this year! Congrats! :-)

  2. Wow, the last set of pics really show how much your smile has changed! My smile is a lot like yours, so you are a real inspiration to me!
    What a great Christmas present--a new smile!

  3. Bracedfaced- I laughed so hard at your comment!! HA! I feel very blessed right now, that is for sure! Above all, I am so glad I decided to move forward with this surgery...SO GLAD! You will be too my dear!

    Lpadgett- thanks, nice to hear! I certainly don't need anything else for Christmas this year! :)

    Happy Holidays!

  4. BracedFaced - that was pretty funny! And yes, I'm really wishing Mandy's surgeon lived in Atlanta!!! AMAZING!!!

  5. Hi !

    First, I'm french and I'm not fluent in english.
    But, I try to understand your blog.
    I can also improve my english when I read your blog. It's good for me !

    Congretulations !!!
    You are very brave... I imagine that your surgery and your orthodontic treatment are difficult to support. Sometimes, painful. You need patience !!!

    I have seen your smile also.
    I find it really nice !
    Your teeth are very white, is it natural ?
    Your smile looks like a "hollywood star smile"!!!

    An other thing...
    Do you plan to take some close-up pictures of your teeth ?
    With close-up photos, we could see clearly the evolution of all your teeth.
    We could see back teeth, I suppose that they move too.
    Are they healthy ?
    Do you have some filling teeth ?

    I hope that I don't disturb you with my questions.

    Thanks for your answer...

    Régis (from France).

  6. Girl, Merry Christmas to YOU! :) You look awesome and must say I'm jealous of the insurance situation! :) I am THRILLED for you and your swelling has went down a ton. Does debanding mean your rubber bands? If so, where are yours placed?? XOXOXO E

  7. Mandy and Elishia - those who have had the surgery have referred to banding and debanding, and I'm not sure I understand. How is the mouth banded and why? Also, how long on average is this required?

  8. E & Tara- Debanding = BRACES OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what the ortho called it so that is what I wrote!! Happy day!!

    E- Merry Christmas to you too!! I saw your new facebook pic and seriously you are looking like a hot little mama!! You look so great!!! I am wearing rubber bands just at night in the back to the front on each side and an adorable square on my front four teeth....I like to call it my birth control! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    Regis- Thank you for all of the compliments...my teeth were white prior to braces and now they are quite dingy but nothing Crest whitestrips won't fix after the braces come off!!! I will post close up pics of my teeth before and after once the braces come off. I have a lot of fillings and a few crowns on my back teeth due to the fact those were the only teeth I could chew with prior to my surgery.

    xoxoxo Mandy

  9. Thank you very much for your answer !

    So, I wait some new pictures of your teeth.
    Will you take pictures by yourself ?
    You say that you have a lot of fillings...
    Don't you think that these fillings can move, can crack, can break with the orthodontic's movement ?
    Because I imagine that all your teeth move, even molars !
    I know that fillings can be toxic... So, I will be a little bit worried... It's just a question !

    I wish you a nice week-end !

    Régis (From France)

  10. You SUCK! :) I said that w/ a smile did you see that? Soooo excited for you. So, you should have them off by Valentine's maybe? Nice smoochies w/out braces. I'm so self conscious about kissing my hubby w/ them on! Yeah, my FB photos...those are the first ones I've posted of me w/ braces! lol! :) Keep me updated you lucky girl!

  11. Thanks for sharing, nowadays most people are engaging themselves in some surgery including rhinoplasty,its one of the common surgery of today's generation and I'm pretty sure that lots of people are still looking forward to try it.

  12. good luck! god bless you!

  13. Mandy - I am looking back at others' post op pics around the two week mark and comparing to mine as today is day 14 for me. In the photo above, you are 2 1/2 wks in the middle row and it seems you might have a little more swelling than me at that 2 week mark. But in your 2 week pics, your smile looks a lot like mine does now - when I smile big, my upper lip only comes up to just right at the top of my braces brackets. I see in week 8, you're able to smile big enough to where your upper lip rises to the gumline, the ideal position. I'm curious, how long did it take you to get to that point? Did it take the full 8 weeks? Is it swelling that keeps it from going up or also due to muscle changes, do you know?

  14. Hey Tara- The swelling going down was a VERY GRADUAL PROCESS! It continued to go down even after my eight weeks. It happened so slowly that I couldn't pinpoint when it stopped! Sorry, I know that doesn't help much and post surgery you just want answers....but don't worry. Your swelling will be down before you know it! Hang in there!