Monday, January 31, 2011

March 3rd the BRACES COME OFF!!!

Yeah!!  SO excited!  In the meantime my teeth are in serious pain as I have some major rubber band action going on to get my bite into tip top shape.  My nighttime rubber band situation is crazy, they are so tight I can't even open my mouth in the slightest.  BUT WHO CARES BECAUSE IN FOUR WEEKS I AM DUNZO!  I will take pics and post more tomorrow as I am tired from my drive today and all of the poking around in my mouth!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Long time no talk!

I know, I know I have been MIA!  Just crazy busy and happy to be not obsessing over all things jaw surgery related! 

Tomorrow I go to the ortho and if all goes well the braces will come off in four weeks!  Yes ladies and gentlemen...this journey is close to over!  YEAH!

My numbness is getting better oh so slowly.  Maybe still 40% numb in my lower lip and chin.  And just this week I started to get the slightest bit of feeling back in the roof of my mouth.  That was very exciting as I know that this is a step in the right direction and I am hopeful that it will completely return eventually.

Still am not that adventurous on the chewing front.....nothing hard or too chewy.  Why push it!?!?!  I am getting plenty of food as indicated by my weight!  :)

Will update you and post pics after my appointment tomorrow!