Monday, January 31, 2011

March 3rd the BRACES COME OFF!!!

Yeah!!  SO excited!  In the meantime my teeth are in serious pain as I have some major rubber band action going on to get my bite into tip top shape.  My nighttime rubber band situation is crazy, they are so tight I can't even open my mouth in the slightest.  BUT WHO CARES BECAUSE IN FOUR WEEKS I AM DUNZO!  I will take pics and post more tomorrow as I am tired from my drive today and all of the poking around in my mouth!


  1. CONGRATS! So, I am confused over the rubber band stuff. Are you still in rubber bands during the day? At what point after your surgery were you able to talk with no problems? I ask because I teach some fitness classes in the evenings and am trying to gauge how long I will need to take off. As the instructor, I have to talk for the entire class. Is this feasible at the 6 week mark?

  2. I haven't really had a strict band routine....the bands that banded me shut were cut the day after surgery and I was left with two bands on each side of my mouth. I was still able to open my mouth with these bands on. The majority of the time since my surgery I have only have to wear the rubberbands at night. Until now, they are so tight I can hardly stand it during the day and at night my mouth is totally banded shut....not a fun feeling! But you gotta do what you gotta do to have naked teeth! :) Everyones band routine is different based on how good their bites are after surgery.

  3. Yay! So glad you're getting your braces off in a month! I feel ya on the mouth misery. I too have some going on. I asked my ortho about removal and mine won't be coming out until fall! :( MAYBE late summer if I'm consider yourself lucky ducky...xoxoxo

  4. I think that he is really moving things alongs qucikly because of my LONG drive. But, things seem to be pretty right on as far as my bite goes and my teeth seem to be really straight so who knows.

    Hopefully your ortho is giving you worst case scenario on the old braces. I remember the ortho telling me that it would be a year before I was ready for surgery and I was ready in five months. :)

    Hang in there cupcake!

  5. Hi. i have been following your blog for a month or two. You look great!
    I have a few questions, if you don't mind. I am 39 yrs old, mom of two kids, a 10 yr old and a 7 yr old. I am TRYING (!) to get hubby's company to include top and bottom jaw surgery. They excluded coverage for congenital conditions past age 19, but his HR people said get some documentation together and maybe we could change that.

    Anyway, if I do get this surgery, how many weeks before I can at least somewhat take care of the house and kids? Mainly, how long before I could drive them to school/fix breakfast? How long before I am up to cooking and grocery shopping? How long will my husband need to stay off work with me? I don't have much in the way of help from his parents or mine so this is a big concern. (Mine are sick and his travel/babysit other grandkids.)

    Any advise would be helpful!

  6. Anonymous- I would say that you need 10 days of help. The first week was really rough for me. I didn't even leave the bed but day 8 was so much better. I could have taken care of the kids if they were your kids age by day 10. Since I have a very active two year old that wouldn't have been an option for me.

    So one week for sure, and really you would probably be ok after that as long as you could nap because you will tire easily for a few weeks.

    Hope that helps!

    Good luck with the insurance!!!!

  7. Thank you so much. I had kind of gathered that 10 days to two weeks was probably going to be needed. Felt it best to ask though. Part of what has kept me from doing this is waiting for my kids to get a bit older, and of course, INSURANCE! Ugh. The only thing I am lacking is a letter from my regular dentist detailing all of my cracked teeth and loss of a molar due to grinding. Bite guards don't even work properly on me because I am so lopsided that I still only grind on one side of the guard. Those teeth are wearing now. I love my dentist but she is so disorganized.

    I asked for a letter mailed to my home (so hubby could take it to benefits people at work) Instead she mailed it directly to blue cross. I have called twice, and then went to her office to ask for another copy. She replied that oops she'd done the letter on her home computer!

    Not sure what my next step is with her!

    Anyway, I wish you great success with your transformation.

    -- Amanda :)