Saturday, March 26, 2011

So happy to be brace free!!


  1. OH MY GOSH! Mandy! You look amazing! I cannot believe it has been long enough after surgery for you to get your braces off... it seems like I was just reading your post-surgery stories! Congratulations on such an amazing transformation, and thank you so much for keeping such a wonderful blog, it has been so helpful to follow along!

  2. Thank you so much for this blog! It has been my favorite so far.

    I go in for my surgery in about a week and 1/2. Do you have any other tips for the hospital stay/first few weeks?

    I saved your "hospital list" and am taking some of those items!


  3. GORGEOUS!! Yes, thank you so much Mandy! You and Elisha really helped me make my final decision to go ahead with surgery! You were so positive too! I am scheduled for May 11th! :-)

  4. Michelle- GOOD LUCK- the anticipation is the worst, once you are on the other side the relief is overwhelming! The best advice I can give someone is to do a lot of research so you know what you are getting yourself into, and it looks like you are doing just that! The first week for me after surgery was really bad but after that it was no big deal! Good luck and keep us posted on your recovery!

    Dani & BraceFaced- you guys are so sweet! SO happy that you two are almost ready to roll! You will be so happy when it is over! It is still hard for me to believe that I have my braces off- seems like it took forever and went fast at the same time! Can't wait to follow both of your progress! you will do great!

  5. Hi Mandy! look amazing!!! Did you just get the upper/lower & chin? Your cheekbones look fab so I was wondering if you got anything done there or is it just look great when everything else is in porportion!?

    Anyway...yes, like others said, your blog has been the best by far and I have been keeping up to date with your progress.

    Guess what, I finally have my surgery coming up!! It's next Friday and needless to say, I'm scared. More so about my toddler who's now 18 months old. I worry about not being able to pick her up and cuddle and play with her for a while.

    So I wanted to ask you about that. How did you deal with your little one? Mine is only 18 months old and she expects me to pick her up, kiss her and play with her if I'm in the room. Just wondering about your interaction with the little one and how they took it when you weren't as engaged as normal. When were you able to pick him up?

    I'm so looking forward to my 'after'. I hope my outcome is as great is yours. Your smile looks fab now!!