Saturday, July 30, 2011

WHY can't I comment on anyones posts??? HOW ANNOYING

Just wanted to send a general shout out to my fellow bloggers.  I have been keeping up with every ones blogs and stupid blogger won't let me post on anything.  Anyone have any ideas why?

Anyway Tina- thinking of you girl and hoping you have a good outcome this week!!

ELISHA- NO MORE METAL!  Yeah you!  You look fantastic! 

Brent- Big surgery just around the corner, so exciting for you!!

Dani- Hello gorgeous!  You look amazing! 

As for me I am happy as a clam (don't really understand that expression, why are clams happy)?

I digress...

I am finally to the point where I notice myself in the mirror and it looks like me.  That is a really good place to get to!!  I will post some pics as soon as I figure out how to transfer them from my iphone to my computer.  Still don't eat corn off the cob (I hate the way it feels when it gets stuck in my teeth!) I do try to stay away from things that are super hard to eat- why rock the boat??? 

Take care and I will post pics soon!!  :)


  1. Plug in your iPhone, open MY COMPUTER, and your iPhone will show up on the left hand side under COMPUTER. You'll be able to click on that and find the file that is holding all your pictures, and then you can just copy and paste them all into a different folder. :)

  2. Hey mandy, if you're still checking this blog - may I ask, how much numbness resides at this point? Is it something you feel you can live with if it's permanent? My surgery is in 11 days. I'm trying to decide if I want to go through with the genioplasty or not. It raises the risk of permanent numbness and my lower jaw is already being advanced 10 mm. The genio will be 5-7 mm if I decide to do it.

    Hope you're doing well!